Cash Business

The owner of a furniture store named William Lamson back in the 19 th century bought the rights to the invention of the first cash register, enabling them to establish trade, the author – David Brown. So, in 1882 under his leadership came A company called Lamson Cash Railway Company. This system was very reliable, she worked without interruption for many, many years. For example, in a department store Lownes in New York, she stood for a century and has never broken down. She regularly operated until October 1995, while store finally closed. Yes, and if need something repaired, you can restrict conventional screwdriver and pliers, problems could eliminate any employee shop in minutes, without professional help. Was followed by constant development of new versions of the system. So, by early 20 th century the company introduced the already high-speed options that are based on a pneumatic pipe.

In simpler versions have been used catapults made of elastic material. Yet the very first version of the automation system is still used most in demand. In 1884, the brothers invented the first cash Ritty unit, he appreciated took pride of place in the center of the store with the system Lamson. With the new invention, the cashiers were able to more quickly and accurately produce estimates. In addition, he had one function, through which tax authorities have made it mandatory, wherever sold at retail. That cash registers and destroyed Brown's invention. They replaced the whole system, therefore, its use has become unprofitable in the future.

Had in 1950, the company Lamson stop their production. But still for a few more decades, many shops have continued to use this system – perhaps out of habit. These inventions and put rise to a modern POS-systems, without which it now does not do any major, and not a very large enterprise trade. As practice shows, automated enterprise brings much more profit.

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