University of El Zamorano is on a campus of natural beauty, colorful gardens and a unique architecture. The property is located in about 1700 has included natural forest and two watersheds, large productive areas, many places for recreation and various buildings. There are green areas, paths and ponds are home to many wild species that have found natural shelter on the campus of Zamorano. Many are migratory birds that share these spaces during certain times of year. Zamorano has spaces host species that are native and exotic to the region around the world. Thanks to his long and distinguished tradition in life sciences research, today Zamorano has also served with herbal education teaching. Paul Standley The herbarium houses about 300,000 specimens classified in Mesoamerica that are available for academic training of students.It has a collection of 200,000 specimens of pests and beneficial insects, these many are the result of research carried out by specialists of Zamora and student contributions. The campus is home to over 900 resident students for eleven months of each year. An area of 20 ha is reserved for bedrooms and 7 is used where various cultural and sports for them.

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