Blogs have become an incredible tool of online marketing for companies of all sizes. A company can save thousands of dollars in advertising costs, while generating valuable exposure and traffic. Blogs are a means of easy use, adaptable and flexible for effective positioning of their products in the market. More info: Governor Cuomo. The companies that use blogs to promote their businesses have a number of advantages over its competitors, however, requires a careful and effective use of marketing planning. What blogs ads are appearing in search engines results faster than the content of other web sites.

All new content that is sent through the tools for blog like Blogger and WordPress are quickly indexed by search engines. This means that all those links that you put into your new content will be posted by searchers in a faster way than compared to a web site. Blogs are a great support for their business in Internet, that can encourage viral marketing of excellent shape. According to a recent survey, there are currently 90 million blogs with 80,000 more than are added every day and 30 percent of Internet users are readers of these blogs. Sites like Technorati and Digg quickly spread the blog entries to a wider audience. Many contents began to become more popular and spread quickly through hundreds or thousands of other blogs and sites of social interaction. Blogs have created a greater awareness and loyalty on customers.

Having an open dialogue with its clients creates an atmosphere of trust and loyalty between them. The ability to respond in real time to questions or feedback from customers, almost makes even that customers are more predisposed to try their products and services. The feedback can be instant. Companies can use the blogs and comments related to research products and solicit feedback. This rapid feedback mechanism can allow a company to take decisions of products based on observations near real-time from the way of thinking of its customers and their behavior patterns.

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