Brief biography

Dr. Claudio Ruiz Olave, was born in Santiago on June 13, 1964. Their studies conducted at the National Institute where he distinguished himself. He entered the University of Chile where he attended the medical career, graduating as a licensed physician and later by the specialty of Neurology. Among the positions he has played in his long career of twenty years, stand out for having been CEO of the Hospital de los Vilos.For eighteen years he worked at St. Joseph Hospital, where he served as Head of unit area of Neurology, where he was noted for his professionalism and unique spirit of service and deep commitment to their patients. He was elected one of the top ten metropolitan area north Neurologists. He is currently working at the Medical Center Vival in the commune of Santiago and in his private office located in 95 of Salvador Av. 906 in the Providencia district. With his wife Connie Cabrera Diaz, paramedical professions, nine years of marriage and have two young daughters a year and a half and Josefina Antonia Renata Ignacia. Both share a social vocation and, therefore, for five years attended a nursing home on Thursday to give attention to the grandparents who needed all this for free. Dr. Ruiz Olave is an outstanding professional with twenty years of experience and a great spirit of service, whose only function is to help with medical knowledge to improve the quality of life for all who come to seek their professional service.

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