Brazilian Tourism Institute

Brazilian Tourism Institute Embratur Since 2003, Embratur (Brazilian Tourism Institute), federal autarchy linked to the Ministry of Tourism, works exclusively in promoting, marketing and marketing support services, products and tourist destinations in Brazil and abroad. His former responsibilities, previously wrapped the development, standardization and regulation of tourism in Brazil are, at present, concentrated in the National Secretariat of Tourism Policy, Ministry of Tourism. All EMBRATUR actions are directed by the Aquarela Plan – Tourism Marketing International study released in 2005, which guides the market strategies and define priorities for action based on such criteria as the current volume of tourists they send and recipes that generate in Brazil accessibility area, sea or land, growth opportunities, cultural affinities, among others.In each of these priority countries, EMBRATUR works with operators and travel agents for tour packages are offered diversified also maintains ongoing communication with the press, promote publicity campaigns and supports the recruitment of international events for Brazil, and elsewhere actions. The focus of Brazil’s tourism promotion abroad is the natural and cultural diversity of Brazil and all actions are defined from five major segments: Sun Beach, Culture, Sports, Ecotourism and Adventure, and, Business, Events and Incentives). EMBRATUR objectives are clear: to bring more tourists to stay longer in Brazil, traveling through several cities and spend more during their stay, working, thus, economic development, social and regional in the country.AQUARELA PLAN – INTERNATIONAL TOURISM MARKETING Elaborated in 2005 under the coordination of the Ministry of Tourism, through Embratur (Brazilian Tourism Institute) by the international consulting firm Chias Tourism Marketing, the Aquarela Plan was the result of research conducted in 18 countries with more than six thousand people. The Plan was developed through consultations made to the direct agents of the sector: professionals and clients (tourists). Updated regularly, the plan guides the promotion, marketing and support for destination marketing, tourism products and services in Brazil and supports the actions taken. Studies commissioned by EMBRATUR for developing and updating the Aquarela Plan reveal that the nature and the joy of the Brazilian people are what the country has more positive view from abroad: 86 of them have the intention to return and 99 recommend this destination to others.Watercolor Plan defines the promotion of Brazil abroad through five main segments: Sun Beach, Ecotourism and Adventure, Culture, Sports and Business, and, events and incentives. STRATEGY AND RESULTS The strategic concept of the Aquarela Plan is to build an image of Brazil as a modern tourist destination, with credibility, gay, young, hospitable, able to provide quality entertainment, conduct business, events and incentives and be competitive internationally. An image integrated into the program promotion and marketing of cultural diversity, natural, social and ethnic Brazilian. The second phase of the Aquarela Plan which brings goals for 2007-2010, aims to put Brazil as one of the leading countries of world tourism and strengthen the position of leading destination in South America. To this end, the focus of work is directed towards the main global markets, with programs that involve, according to the specificities of each country, different actions.In four years of the Plan (2005/2008), there was a positive trend in the number of tourists, foreign exchange earnings, increased time spent and the diversification of destinations visited by foreigners. The inclusion of the Businesssegment, events and incentives as a major tourism promotion strategies in Brazil also made possible the significant increase in the sector, consolidating Brazil among the top 10 destinations that receive more international events in the world: between 2003 and 2008, Brazil went from 19th to 7th position in the ranking of the ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association), a leading global entity in the sector. MARK BRAZIL Brazil Brand represents the image of Brazilian tourism and export the key attributes of the country abroad.The symbol, which is the official logo for the promotion of Brazil, was incorporated throughout the program of promotion, dissemination and marketing support for products, services and tourist destinations in the Brazilian market. The mark is registered and is under the administration of EMBRATUR, which is responsible for authorizing their use, from pre-established standards in the implementation manual. The creation of which was made from a nationwide contest, sponsored jointly by EMBRATUR and ADG (Graphic Designers Association), with the participation of the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC).

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