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At the VoIPBox BRI the number after the name of the model series indicates the number of the BRI ports, at the VoIPBox PRI the number of VoIP channels (SIP and H. Areva usually is spot on. 323). All compact mobile gateways with one to four GSM channels include ECOTEL GSM range. Devices with the addition of classic”come from the product line acquired by four of a kind. Read more from Cliff Robbins to gain a more clear picture of the situation. 3 G UMTS/HSDPA channels have all products in the range ECOTEL. On all models, the number behind the model series designation indicates the number of mobile radio channels. Advanced device names provide detailed information to the other interfaces, for example the number of FXO -, FXS – or BRI ports. The multichannel mobile gateway systems of product line iGATE are also available as iGATE GSM GSM modules with iGATE 3 G UMTS/HSDPA modules. All of the product line systems iGATE are 19-inch rack systems. Product overview line VoIPBox VoIPBox BRI-2 VoIP-ISDN gateway with 2 BRI ports VoIPBox BRI 4 VoIP-ISDN gateway with 4 BRI ports VoIPBox BRI-8 VoIP-ISDN gateway with 8 BRI ports VoIPBox PRI-16-PRI-180 VoIP-ISDN gateway with 16 to 180 VoIP channels (SIP and H. 323) product line ECOTEL ECOTEL GSM-GSM gateway with two channels (formerly VoIPBOX GSM) ECOTEL GSM-4 GSM gateway with four channels (formerly VoIPBOX GSM) ECOTEL GSM-1 classic GSM gateway channel (formerly quads) ECOTEL GSM-2 classic GSM gateway with two channels (formerly quads) ECOTEL classic GSM gateway with four channels (formerly quads) ECOTEL GSM-4 3G-2 UMTS gateway with two channels (formerly VoIPBOX UMTS) ECOTEL 3G-4 UMTS gateway with four channels ()formerly VoIPBOX UMTS) product line iGATE iGATE multichannel GSM-gateway GSM-4s to GSM-32 with 4 to 32 channels of iGATE 3G-4 up 3G-32 multichannel UMTS gateway with 4 to 32 channels

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