Being a teacher .. “A vocation or a gift

In the area of customer marketing because first born is born a service, we dare not get customers with extraordinary and fabulous product manufactures advertising strategies but we know the secret of serving and serve well, to create a comforting chemistry with the potential client and to give that plus intangible involved in being simple, pleasant and spontaneous convey trust in real time to meet a person. Within the area of Teaching, is pleased to fill your day with the satisfaction of accomplishment, that is, when your service day take pains to provoke a change in a student so that their education is more comprehensive and I feel that students perceived completely what must change to become a better person, this is the moment of truth we want to take every day that we dedicate this unselfish task of teaching. The feeling of passing is only achieved with the implementation of a didactic technique excellent service, is a challenge for every teacher get into the mind of 30 or more students with very different characters so we mix in that technique visual, auditory and kinesthetic with skill and above all with real spirit of wanting to teach, we should be fine to direct knowledge, to have well-developed sense of tolerance for it not to undermine our strategy will never be angry with a troubled student. Being a teacher is synonymous with dedication to service of those who seek to be a leader and grow those around you, you mentally have to be always honest and open, in other words, being many times, a model, so we always take care of our actions as a person and citizen. In conclusion, being a teacher is to serve those who need you to be better and the service is increased when in this bustle you find young people who marred sometime and find their way to young students who are like oases everything goes well and are excellent students, all they have to serve in the same way in terms of quality but also need to brighten our lives in the wrong girl because if we can lure the way, our service will be multiplied by 100 in that time. Teachers should never give a class in the same way because you always get the same result, and we can, “myopia workshop”, ignoring the opportunity to get a better result, simply because we do not change the way to provide this service than an older model car, still works and even leads to certain sides, to plant the seed this attempt to remake the way to offer a service, constantly seek new alternatives and paths, which in turn will complications, well, childbirth will be difficult, but we will have taken in the end, deliver a better offer to satisfy a need for service. Is there a magic formula to provide better service If there but not a fixed model, each variable must include provisions so that the equation works, and will depend on your students’ knowledge of flying hours, experience, common sense in the classroom, knowledge, training proper motivation and so on. … and these design elements and materials for excellent service are not sold by the kilo or liter in the corner store or by catalog, repurchased by the natural passage of time and with a fervent desire to want to serve. Og Mandino says in his book The Greatest Salesman in the world in its commitment to success VIII reflects: Never wait again while waiting for the opportunity presents itself before me. ..

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