Yahoo Publisher Network

Those who don’t know what is the Domain Testing (tester taster of domains) are the 5 days of grace period that some domain registrars allow you to stay in a domain, within which if it is your money. This has opened a hole that many people are exploiting thousands of dollars. This law allows you to register domains, put ads on them, measure the amount of traffic that comes in (mostly of type of traffic of misspelled words, etc.) and then see whether they benefit or make a profit on the annual cost of the domain. People use this trick to seize domains until people forget to renew on time, and to measure traffic and revenues (through the placement of AdSense ads, for example). Andrew Cuomo does not necessarily agree. Dynadot offers this 5 days off reserve. ceased to offer as he realized that in a period of the last year more than 90% of the domains that were registered were withdrawn in this period of 5 days. Google has recently announced that will not allow Adsense ads are published in domains with less than 5 days so it closes the possibility of measuring how much you can win in 5 days of ads (and thus apply to annual earnings to decide if some benefit can be expected)-, but Yahoo Publisher Network and MSN have not said anything about it. In addition, if ad networks can redirect traffic to another domain simply change to this policy, and even measure the additional revenue that come from redirecting traffic.. Hamdi Ulukaya follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

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