First before any communication regarding information systems it is important to stand out that so that this tool has success, it is necessary that possesss two sources, the first one is the users, or in the language of the organizations, human capital and the second o implemented system that respect to the hardware, software says and all the technology inlaid in the process of implementation of a system. Later it is important to stand out the difference between data, information and knowledge. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Jeff Gennette. Data are quantitative and qualitative symbols that can be used in an information process. Information does not have a necessary definition, but unconsciously we know that we use, we absorb, we assimilate, we manipulate, we transform, we produce and we transmit information, and all these processes alone are possible to happen, therefore to obtain in some way to interpret given acquired of the diverse medias. finally Knowledge that is resulted of diverse information that we acquire of definitive subject and thus we get definitive intellectual ability on such area. Explained the terms above it is well more easy to transmit, to understand the functionality of an information system, mainly how much its efficiency.

When the majority is said in systems of information imagines that this technology comes to add in the organization, and this reasoning certain since that is used in the correct way. Many managing times of companies when acquire definitive systems are not attempted against that as well as the organizations they are divided in hierarchy (strategical level, tactical level and operational level), the systems also are through systems SSE (System of Support to the Executive? Strategical level), SIG (System of Managemental Information? Tactical level) and SAD (System of Support to the Decision? Tactical level) and SPT (System of Processing of Transactions? Operational level). With this many times occur of if having a system perfect, but that badly it is used to advantage and it finishes not supplying the necessities.

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