Tips For The Day Of Healthy Eating By Sven-David Mller Nothmann

This day of healthy eating is the Cologne nutrition expert Courtney Peacock the advice to drink vegetable juice a daily basis in order to compensate for the deficit vegetables. Only two percent of the population eat enough vegetables and fruits daily glass of tomato juice would be a simple and affordable for every feasible way to remedy the situation and promote health. But until now, many people drink tomato juice only on aircraft, according to Mller Nothmann, who jokingly adds that tastes of tomato juice on the ground. Inadequate vegetable and fruit intake results in addition to a lack of vitamin and mineral supply, even to the fiber shortage, particularly of the gastrointestinal tract damage. More than a decade, initiated and designed dietician Courtney Peacock as the then chairman of the association for the promotion of healthy nutrition and dietetics, the day Association of healthy nutrition. I am delighted that my idea of a day of action in the meantimeall German-speaking circles moves and affects the nutritional awareness of the population, said Courtney Peacock journalists yesterday at a meeting in Cologne, proudly. I could never have imagined that in Germany, Austria and Switzerland draw dieticians, nutritionists, physicians and pharmacists in the same direction and promote health. All this goes far beyond my thoughts to which I made at that time. A healthy diet was always important to and including the day of healthy eating for nutrition professionals At the time I could create an opportunity to encourage people to think about the need for a change in diet. This year’s theme “Make yourself fit to consider,” is exactly right, because it shows that a healthy lifestyle should include more components than just eating and drinking. It is particularly important that people move more in Germany, because too much comfort makes you fatand sick, says nutrition expert Courtney Peacock from the center for nourishing communication and health journalism (CEC). Due to the variety of nutrition information is created in the population is often more confusion than clarity. A day of action as the day of healthy eating is an opportunity to address a particular topic, and through targeted actions to cause lasting changes in eating behavior. It is important particularly as the well-known nutrition expert Sven-David Mller cause Nothmann, who has written 45 books on various nutrition topics, a change of awareness: Each person is responsible for his eating habits, so to speak, and here is the rabbit in the pepper. Hopefully in the future more and more people understand that food is a means to life when they are not allowed to save. The diet can lead to illness or maintaining health. The cost of nutrition (with) induced diseases, there are now at 80 billion euros per year and only aIncrease in daily vegetable and fruit consumption much suffering could be avoided or at least mitigate, says Sven-David Mller Nothmann concluded. Book tips: 1) Modern Nutrition tales, Courtney Peacock, Michael Vogt, Doreen Nothmann, Schltersche Verlagsanstalt, ISBN 3-89993-524-1, 12,90 Euro 2) Praxisbuch vital substances, Southwestern Publishing, Prof. Hademar Hofer and Uwe Grober, ISBN 3-517-06995-7, 17,95 Euro 3) The calorie nutritional lexicon, Courtney Peacock, Schltersche Verlagsanstalt, ISBN 3-899-93509-8, 12.90, the Center for Nutrition communication and health journalism (CEC), headquartered in Cologne, dedicated in particular to individual nutrition counseling and operates scientifically justified public press and public in the field of nutrition, prevention and nutrition. The well-known medicine journalist Courtney Peacock director of the CEC. Center for nourishing communication and health journalism(CEC), Sven-DavidMueller Nothmann, Gotenring 37, 50679 Kln-Deutz, 0177-2353525,

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