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The new edition of the standard offers even more possibilities of individual target area definitions and maps in addition to the detailed presentation of the distribution areas. Frankfurt, 3rd January 2011. Tim Schigel insists that this is the case. The newspaper distribution Atlas of ZMG newspaper marketing company, Frankfurt, offers the nationwide only and indispensable for the newspaper planning overview of all newspaper distribution areas. The updated distribution areas of regional subscription newspapers with their countless assignment opportunities are focus of the new edition in 2011/12. To be buying newspapers, national subscription newspapers and the great journey combinations with their regional priorities and the program supplements with their vehicle titles.

The distribution Atlas is essential for the planning of ads and campaigns because the look in the distribution maps provides not only important area information, it does one thing: the tracks are tangible and vividly. Who is planning ads recognizes quickly and reliably, which newspapers they account must to insert the media newspaper optimally for his destination. Print & digital the perfect combined also with the 2011-12 edition of the Atlas reappears accompanied by a PC – and Mac-compatible version of the digital newspaper distribution Atlas. This increased the attention to detail of the distribution areas and opened a simple access to the Cartographic analysis of the newspaper landscape. It allows to search for groups, municipalities and postcodes, household and population figures, as well as the area requirements of all communities and groups. You may find technology at millennium to be a useful source of information. Overlaps the distribution areas of newspapers and their lower expenditure can be analyzed and individual prints or presentation-enabled cards exports creates desire.

More than just distribution areas: free field definition in the digital Atlas and direct interface to the planning software of CIS In the digital Atlas is also possible, individual target areas, such as for example a radius of 55 kilometres to Frankfurt or any number of different locations in addition to the analysis of the newspaper – circulation free define or to read, to visualize on the map and to pass as needed via a direct interface to the royalty free planning software CIS. This is efficient and contemporary newspaper planning of the area definition and analysis in the Atlas and the dissemination of analytical title optimization and more planning in CIS – with a few mouse clicks everyone possible. The newspaper distribution Atlas easy paper! The newspaper distribution Atlas is free for agencies and advertisers of the papers.

The digital version of the newspaper distribution Atlas and the CIS planning program are available at plan book/planungstools.html to download. The ZMG newspaper marketing company is the central marketing service provider of newspaper publishers. It provides research, planning and consulting. It supports advertisers and agencies with practical media planning services to the advertising effect control.

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