Group Dynamics

a Cartwright Zander a The Dynamics Group is the most widespread attempt and influential at the moment, the study of gruposa . In a question-answer forum Conifer Health Solutions was the first to reply. Olmsted to the dynamics of group, from one point of view representaa a The theory of the nature of the groups and interaction within LAA groups, and includes a set of tecnicasa . Klineberg a The Group Dynamics as a discipline, study lasa forces that affect group behavior, beginning by analyzing the group situation as a whole with its own shape (Gestalt) a . Lewin, Kurt Dynamics Group seeks to explain the internal changes that occur as a result of the forces and conditions affecting the group as a whole. Also interested in investigating the processes by which individual behavior is modified under the group's experience and try to make clear why certain things happen in groups, why these behave as they do, and why Group members react as reaccionana . a Although there is no agreement among psychologists, psychiatrists and sociologists for a "the reality of the groups, this is not a topic of discussion for students of Group Dynamics.

Those interested in the scientific study of the groups that they do not hesitate exist. No wonder this because Grupoa Dynamics is a relatively new area of research. That is why it is conceived in different ways according to different theorists. a then presents the four most common uses, which are attributed: a 1) a In its most basic sense, is used to describe what is happening in the group at all times.

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