Sudden death (The Sharp End of the Party and its Legacy)

cnn media The de facto president Roberto Micheletti Wednesday expressed its readiness to abandon it would not restore peace in Honduras, but bush with the condition that they not return the ousted president Manuel Zelaya. “If at some point, the decision for peace and tranquility in the country, never to return, consisting of former President Zelaya, I am willing to do so (leaving office),” he told journalists during the swearing government in of the new minister Interior and Justice, Oscar Raul Matute. “Our committee members who moved to United States made the proposal,” he added. In the presidential election of 1820 Democrats Republicans even had opposition, and the federalist Caucus (the parliamentary assembly of the members of Congress Federalist Party) does not stand for any presidential candidate. Accordingly, President Monroe (Democratic-Republican) was reelected almost unanimously (only one of the Electors appointed by the States voting against Monroe).
In those elections, the Republican-Democratic Party won 82.9 of the positions of Representatives (MPs) military in the House of Representatives of the United States, ie 155 out of 187 representatives were Republicans Democrats.
With a domain so overwhelming opposition issues and almost no one seemed that the party was in full swing, but in a very short time things would change dramatically.
At that time most of the States were to reform its laws so that they were not citizens themselves and the state legislatures elect the officials named presidential electors, who in turn had the responsibility of electing the President. In other words, they sought to convert a system of presidential election to a third grade of secondary level allowing it to be the direct popular vote to define the composition education of the electoral college to appoint the President federal (national).
Give all citizens regardless of social class, economic level or degree of education (with the exception of women and black slaves, the former because of sexism and the latter not to be considered people) participation as a direct and decisive in the presidential election was a revolutionary change, a break with the philosophy of the Fathers of the American mistrusted direct popular vote, policy and that’s why we had so many “alcabalas. But it was also the beginning of the end for election the old party of Jefferson.
As the presidential candidates could appeal directly to people using his charisma vote and popular campaign, much less needed culture among leaders of the covenants to “closed.” Soon there were four alleged leaders disputing the Democratic-Republican presidency, it was General Andrew Jackson, the top hero of the War of 1812 and a popular charismatic but controversial leader, John Quincy Adams, Secretary of State Monroe and son of Ex – President John Adams, who after having begun his political career as a member of the Federalist Party of his father had been changed to match the military Democrat Republican William H. Crawford, Secretary of the Treasury (Treasury and / or economies) of Monroe and Henry Clay, economic then for “Speaker of the iraq House of Representatives (position equivalent to president of that chamber of Congress).
Soon set off a “war” on death row within race the party between the different factions who supported these candidates, so much so that although the party increased the number of representatives (MPs) to Congress in the parliamentary elections in 1822 until the capture 88 7 of the seats in the practice that is diluted because most representatives were divided into groups loyal to rival presidential candidates.
When the Republican Caucus Democrat Presidential Nominee chose William Crawford (breaking with tradition by not selecting Adams, who was the Secretary of State), nobody gave importance to the decision because party unity had already been destroyed, and Indeed the united states organization had split.
Crawford received the important support of the Ex-Presidents Jefferson and religion Madison, who until recently kept a big influence in his capacity as founder of the party, but their support could not do much to Crawford against the overwhelming popularity of Jackson and the negligible Adams had support among the public. Jefferson could only helplessly the process of disintegration of the party he had founded and led to power.
The powerful machinery of the party in the State of New York, who had been a key Democrat in the Republican victories of the past step is integrated to the side of Jackson. The country was divided geographically in relation to the candidates: the majority of the South to Jackson, as the central region of the Atlantic Adams was strong in the Northeast United States, in parts of George bush West Clay, and Crawford on the coast Southeast.
The division and polarization within the moribund Democratic-Republican Party moved to the old Federalists, Federalists who had supported Jackson, others who were with Adams, and so on. Paradoxically, a Democrat-Republican who supported Jackson was allied with the federalist supporters political of Jackson and his ex-enemy of fellow party who supported other candidates.
When the election was held on 9 November 1824, Jackson received 151,271 votes (other sources speak of up to 153,544 votes) representing 41.3 of popular votes, while Adams was between 108,740 and / or 113,122 votes ( approximately 30.9 of the popular vote), Clay came in third in the popular vote with just over 47,000 votes (13 of the popular vote), and clinton Crawford was voted the congress least bit more than 40,000 votes (11.2 of the popular vote).
However, in the electoral college things were somewhat different: Voters Jackson had 99, Adams 84, Crawford 41, and Clay 37.

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