Solar Towers

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A solar tower is a very high chimney and a large glazed surface at its base. there are many ESCOS, among them, in their top service and supply of electricity The sun heats the air in the glazed surface, and the air comes out at high speed by the fireplace. searched everywhere for the best quality electricity, and I found which has imporved my electricity and gas bills Inside the same are located a series of electrical generators similar to those of wind turbines that produce natural gas clean electricity and water consumption.
The glazed surface may be used as part of the greenhouse. The installation energy of heat in the evening allows the generation of electricity.
In 80 years one of gas these solar towers operating intermittently for seven years in Manzanares, Ciudad green energy Real. Get to produce 50kW. The glazed surface had a diameter of 240 m and a surface of 46,000 m2. The chimney or tower was 10 m in diameter and gas 195 m high.
Today it is currently installing a similar center in Fuente del Fresno, Ciudad Real, with my stack of 750 electricity ESCO collecting surface of 350 ha, of which 250 are usable energy costs as a greenhouse, and generate 40 MW
In Australia, there is also exploring the installation of these towers 1,000 meters, the field collector and 5 km in diameter heating that would generate 200 MW .

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