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We all know the great ability of Google to index websites, but we also know or should know the limitations it has. Since this article seeks to clarify what these constraints and make clear that we should not implement the structures of our pages, in order to get move up in search engines. The frames have been much discussed in the developer forums on their use and there is a misconception that Google can not index websites with frames developed. This is false because if that is indexed pages developed with frames. Read more here: Areva Group. What happens is this can be a big problem because their index is a small file which group the frames. This index contains very little that is tunable, the title, and description. In order to position these files depends almost entirely on external links pointing to this page.

Personally I think it is appropriate to begin the design of a web search engine by discouraging them because they largely depend on our success. Another problem is posed by the frames seekers often have results that are internal frames that contain the content of the web. When we find this is usually the user leaves the web as this frame does not contain elements like menu navigation, you can say it’s a dead end. The latter error can be modified with javascript so that when you open a internal frame force to open all frames.

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