Physical Computing

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Physical Computing is Asset Management an interdisciplinary area in which people interact with processes of a computer database to obtain a demonstration of the different from the usual going through the screen or speakers that usually features in his system.
The physical computer has little Spanish-language literature because it is a very new area of work. In English language there is an increased level of definitions that describe aspects that distinguish and articulate the physical computer. In this language, the physical computer is described under the heading of Physical Computing however there is no institutional or official definition for it.
A good way to describe these distinctions has to do with the actions involved. These actions can be understood within the following process:
1.A you enter information to your computer
Usually the elements of input or input information to the computer for Ernst personal use, are given by communication standards and usability. This way everyone can recognize a mouse, a keyboard or a joystick as a control device for writing, move around the screen or play. The computacion physical exploration, and reinvented to FOX news accommodate these different devices and many different kinds used for entering information into the processing stage.
To do this input information to the computer, there are some formalities such as the use of microcontrollers and software that serve as an interface between what is collected from the environment and enters the computer. This interface is called Physical Interfaces, to distinguish them from the usual input devices.
2.The computer processes the information.
The computer receives the stimulus of the environment through the physical interface, performs a process and then returns it to the microprocessor. The microprocessor also receiving environmental stimuli, also receives information from the computer and run through one of its outlets, called a performance. This action, as a verb, comes from the definition of the output device called the Actuator.
3. The computer gives a result of physical evidence.
Performance, or outcome of the investments process through an actuator, is the physical evidence that completes the first engagement ring from the physical computer.
Honors and meaning
The former distinctions of meaning or value of the physical computer, is that learning, use and control of digital technologies for communication and information has dropped a few steps from the engineering to most diverse professional fields such as design, art or architecture .
In this way, others have had the opportunity to learn from digital technology to incorporate with different meanings to those performed by the engineering and product of these exercises, it has opened an informal field of exploration and proposed products, services and experiences to Buffet consider the interaction, the use of memory and complex calculations to everyday situations viewed from the value that the user acknowledges these experiences there.
In simple terms, through the teaching of physics computation has been given knowledge and technology domains to non-professionals in the area to implement the proposals that come from a sense that previous situations and to generate results for specific users by giving a high degree interactivity with the immediate or remote.
A little history
The history of the physical computer is associated to the study of Human-computer Interaction (Human-Computer Interaction, in Spanish, or HCI, human computer interaction in English). Prior to that, these relationships were studied only in ergonomics or gtraves funds ANTHROPOMETRY to understand distance relationships or mechanical movement. When work processes are made invisible through the incorporation of digital technology, understanding of control through buttons or displays had other requirements, of a more cognitive and semiotic. A significant element of the hedge funds study of this relationship is associated with the design of interfaces for Web pages and the concept of usability, understanding that a person without previous knowledge within an area on the screen, should be able to understand them, walk, build partnerships and use cognitive within a process of experience with the least possible number of frustrations.
In nearly twenty years, everything was mechanical and physical has become a version of the future is digital investment management and electronic. This shift has been absorbed social, economic and technological effort by firms, educational institutions and governments. Models of the market economy. Companies. Perfect and imperfect competition. Monopolies. Oligopolies. Monopolistic competition
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