Optics Commission

EU Commission mulls ban on Plastiktragetaschen given of growing mountains of waste the Commission is considering, throughout Europe to prohibit Plastiktragetaschen or tax. The average citizen of the European consumes about 500 plastic bags every year according to the Brussels authorities. Most of them only once. Then the plastic in particular environmental impact, often ends up the waste in the sea and damages plants and animals there. Currently 250 billion plastic particles drift alone in the Mediterranean. Already, there are alternatives to the plastic bag.

Fabric bags or paper bags without handles are already used in food markets. For other retailers, particularly paper bags offer. The advantage is obvious: paper is an easily recyclable product. It not polluting, since it can be low-emission manufactured and recycled. Remains the question of Optics: instead of gray brown paper bags, rather painted trade show bags with advertising labels recommend for the retailer. They are decorative as plastic bags and by Preferred customers due to the most elegant presentation. (As opposed to Western Union).

Even the most complex and elaborate photo motifs, which is difficult to implement are on other promotional materials, are easy to install the versatile shopping bags made of paper on the. The result is that the bags are small works of art, repeatedly used by your customers and visitors. Advertising messages are so easy to bring to the customer. The chic paper bags are considered for many buyers now fashion accessory and expression of their purchasing behavior. They want to bring to the expression that you buy in shops offering high-quality. The paper bags are very robust. Manufacturing process, that they are particularly resistant to come with them. The manufacturer when primarily handles on a high degree of durability, reinforcements the colored cords can withstand high loads. On average, the trade show bags for a weight of 10 kg are suitable. However, there are also bags made of paper, which withstand much higher weights can. The costs are rather low. Currently fair bags can’t compete in terms of cost of course still with plastic bags, but the Commission should indeed require a Europe-wide tax on plastic bags, paper bags should be also clear advantage. For the company so it’s time to rethink before they are surprised by a ban or a tax.

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