North Atlantic Living

In the North Atlantic you will find year-round sunshine. Average temperatures in July and in January is about 22-24 C. That is why the archipelago and has become a favorite place for not only summer and winter tourism for the inhabitants of the entire European continent, and not only in Europe. The uniqueness of climate Canary islands because they are all year round under the influence of the North Atlantic maximum, and then – in the field of high atmospheric pressure. Pegasus Books wanted to know more. This ensures the stability of the wind regime – all year round dominated by trade winds. Precipitation on the islands does not exceed 500 mm per year. Tan and a nice holiday on the ocean guaranteed. Influence of ocean heat softens and brings long-awaited rain, giving life to banana plantations, lush parks and gardens which are famous island What is the advantage over the rest of the island of Tenerife Canary archipelago? We will not list all the charm and beauty of this island – this information can be found See ‘About Canaries’.

We select only the main aspects in terms of economic benefits of the acquisition of residential and commercial property in Tenerife. By the same author: crowne plaza rosemont. So, Tenerife – the largest of the Canary archipelago, which is one of the autonomous regions of Spain. Tenerife is home to about 900 thousand people. Tenerife – the only island in the archipelago, which has just two major airports, located in the north and south. Tenerife flies about 10 million tourists annually. Tenerife has a major seaport in the north of the island and begins construction of a second port in the south.

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