Luxury Real Estate Property In Prague

The majestic and intimate, romantic and mysterious Prague attracts not only tourists but also buyers. In the historical part of Prague you can buy apartments and penthouses with panoramic views city, mansions and even castles. How much are these objects, and what are the prospects of this sector of the market? The attraction of Prague Located on both banks of the Vltava River and surrounded by a ring of low hills, Prague in For thousands of years, is the capital of kingdoms and republics, the residence of rulers and archbishops. The historical center – Old Town – built around a huge market area. For many centuries, the Old Town focused on its territory a number of churches, homes and lodges that turned into a complex, where every stone breathes history. In 1992, the historic core of the city, concentrated in an area of 866 hectares, have been made in World Heritage List by unesco. Czechs are kind to their past and not to demolish old buildings and carry out major repairs, while retaining their original appearance.

In these "new old" buildings are often offered for sale luxury apartments. But the real estate market of luxury is not limited to them. From apartments to castles "In addition to apartments, luxury real estate penthouses Czech capital is represented, residences, pudami (analogues attics) in the central part of Prague with an opening overlooking the historic part of the city and monuments. The class "suites" are a huge area and apartments with high ceilings after complete reconstruction of houses in the historic city: Prague 1 – Old Town, Jewish Quarter, Prague 2 – Vinohrady, Prague 6 – Hradcany.

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