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E, even so the work with the reading of these texts it aims at to have a more critical perspective of the world, perceives that many pupils when arriving at Average Ensino, do not have necessary criticidade to this pertaining to school level. This problem possibly becomes related to the fact of that the minimum of the quantity of the literal sorts was not given in the previous years. With this the understanding as reading asset is always in decrease. For the beginning of the activity proposal some orientaes to the pupils on the literal types had been given. It was said on the main sorts that appear in the periodical, as publishing, notice, news articles, etc. was shown the organization of the periodical, the notebooks that they are part of it, the importance of the size of the letters, the photos and the legends. Further details can be found at Ex-CIA director , an internet resource. The sort was differentiated news article of other sorts found in periodicals.

The characteristics of an informative text and a news article differentiating it of the notice had been emphasized. A general notion was given to see the level literal where the pupils if found. The series where the analysis was carried through was given for if to believe, that due to the pertaining to school passage of the pupils, the same ones already had a notion even though or domain of the sort, but the majority of the pupils never caught at least in a periodical. In order to know the conditions of reading and understanding of the news articles the group was divided in groups and each group was with a news article to analyze. Some questions had been elaborated and were asked for that the groups inside answered of the text they offered. A difficulty in extremity was observed to answer the questions. It is natural and it is evident that in fact the text alone will have felt for that already they have a linguistic knowledge not only, but also extralingustico a knowledge adult, as said Kleiman.

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