Allow me to ask to raise their hands to those readers who have not experienced before impending marriage. Yes, I see that people that would fit this definition, very small amount. Those readers who voted 'for' congratulations – for such a person is different nerves. The author of this article, as well as many of you, very worried. The triumph was scheduled for August two thousand of the ninth year, we with my current wife was then in 22 years.

We agreed the wedding the following order. We are in the morning on a small bus with my parents and boyfriend calls in Lena and her parents. Invited only their closest relatives, a friend of the groom and groomsman. No vykupany and other ceremonies went into the house, drank champagne, pofotkalis, and then a minibus – and the authority records of civil status, if officially. After the formalities over the wine at nearby alley, and then bus us with Lena, and our friends luck in store for the photos on the memory, where then worked my wife Lena (processed photos), and the other remaining – to celebrate the bride's house. And after a shop of our friends go dootmechat if have desire and my wife and I – our rented apartment.

At sleduyushy day as a gift to us was conceived trip together to the city of mineral water – Kislovodsk (very fond of the resort). Now go back for three days on the calendar to holiday. Travel documents to travel to Kislovodsk purchased on the Internet found rental housing.

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