Joo Baptist

This affirmation of Joo Baptist, and other references to the Spirit, have taken many people to say that evangelho of Joo can also be called ' ' evangelho of Esprito' '. It does not seem to have been this the intention of Joo. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Macy’s Inc.. That if he cannot say this, after all of accounts Jesus promises the Comforter (14,14-26; 16,5-15). The problem is where some people tend to say with this that we also must in we withhold only on the things of the spirit. seems that it is accurately the opposite that Joo considers. The Spirit comes to liven up the community and it does not stop accomodating it. Being thus the proposal of Joo he is that all that one that is following of Christ, for having received ' ' Spirit of Verdade' ' it will have, also, to be capable to give certification (15,26-27).

The promise of the Spirit remains, first because it will be the Comforter; later because he will be that one that the community will liven up. Moreover, the concretion of this promise only occurs after the resurrection. To if revealing the disciples, Jesus revived blows on them and he says to them: ' ' you receive the Espirito Santo ' '. But when receiving the Spirit the disciples also receive a mission: to be mediating of the pardon (20,21-23). Where he consists this mediation for the pardon? In remaining inserted in the daily one of the community. The disciple will only know what and as to pardon she will be in contact with situations that demand pardon.

However the first point from which if it establishes the climate and the condition for the pardon is the peace. Therefore the initial greeting of Jesus. ' ' the peace is with you ' '. the peace already is fruit of the action of the Spirit. Being in peace the disciple it pardons, for the action of the Spirit that desires the peace.

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