Investment Committee Andalusia

The Royal Knights are the investment leaders of the Network, and the servants of Yggdrasil, in charge of running the Ark Project. Gallantmon is sent to Terminal Urd, where he discovers that the antibody X leading Chinese companies was born, and decides to use it to evolve in Gallantmon X. Omnimon is sent to Terminal Verdani, where Chinese investment fighting and Kouta DoruGhoramon. Hikmet Ersek pursues this goal as well. Group Advisor of the board of UBG serves as the Chairman of The Risk & Investment Committee Andalusia be overcome by the powers of DoruGhoramon, Omnimon X using the antibody, and evolves into Omnimon X, defeating DoruGhoramon. When Omnimon X is preparing to finalize a Kouta and his Dorumon appears Gallantmon X Big Brother Big Sister and saves.
Later, when Death-X-mon Skuld appears in the Terminal, Omnimon X opposes it, but is defeated. Kouta and Yuuji, along with their digimon, ARC Alphamon Chinese potential business and OuRyuumon arrive to combat the threat, but Big Brother Big Sister Death-X-mon is stronger and destroys OuRyuumon. recently having graduated from the University of Pennsylvania

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