Innovators – the personification of protest rationalism as the main idea of consumption, the adepts of large and not very reasonable expenses. Indispensable motivation for their consumption is a new experience, the pleasure of knowing the unknown, experiment. A negative result of consumption are almost never causes innovators noticeable emotional harm or frustration, they are not inclined to pessimism. How, for example, hunters, travelers, archaeologists, innovators largely driven by the very possibility of discovery than its essence. The same can be said about the consumption of a group of innovators. A completely new feature the usual subject matter instantly arouses interest innovators as an opportunity new experience is not important – positive or negative, risky or safe. Almost all known today, domestic technology began with experiments performed manufacturers is on this 'guinea' group.

Remember the black-and-white display mobile phone, film, large monitors and TVs – all of this, we used to so far, if at the time the innovators did not accept new technologies, features and ideas. There is serious problem in the market working with innovators – they are difficult to 'catch' something for a long time. They have practically no loyalty, they are difficult to promote something physical. Therefore, innovative segments of the small numbers are only 'Battering ram' for the introduction of new items to the mass market, and make them big strategic stake is not necessary. In the group of innovators is most often composed of young wealthy people who in many retail markets believe the core target audience, and their inconsistency is confusing to entrepreneurs all the cards.

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