in town of love

I put on my favorite jacket, trousers and slippers comfortable not to call attention. 2 soles in my pocket, a key, the “meat medium” and “cel”. Head down the stairs, I said goodbye and walked out the door of the Berlin Wall. The sun shone in the sky, announcing that it would be a joyous evening. The streets empty as always, big, beautiful house, some cars going in a hurry. staff Cross the avenue and I job search ventured into the hills. Hermosa del Pilar, Linda, shadowy Round ufff all kinds of hills, interspersed with parks, and all in some way led me to the forest. Wow! seems, suddenly, they were far away civilization. Climbed to the top among leafy trees, an occasional yellow flowers and singing birds. I decided to go the way that transports you to another province and is shrinking, then agencies turned around and take the road underground. Olive trees led me into the streets and back home I was confronted with something smaller and less frequent parks. Greet every park to a agency virgin, I was crossing with the friendly dolphins and with the cage of the games, that place where something begins and ends. Finally came to the Inca roads and I knew with that avenue ‘metamorphic’ changes in appearance, width and color according to the district and sector. an amazing success is is now the director of AirClic I decided to cross and continue the voyage by car. In one of the most crowded bus stops, known as “the bowling game, expected to pass ‘my car’ and not delayed. It was a combination white streaked with yellow, orange and green which came the beat of “happy dance”. Even before I went up to that car, we know as “old man’s car” because it is the oldest of which makes this route. As always stop trip, is in those moments when you jobs in appreciate that I’m tiny, I did not have to bend. Looking out the window, momentarily forgetting that I’m standing in a car whose width can accommodate only one person (preventing the transit of other passengers) and less than 2 meters high. Miro as we cross a large bridge over saying goodbye to the last houses completed and parks and entered another dimension is the end of sales jobs SdS and the start of SJM. As the car moves the landscape is becoming increasingly gray, dirty with dust and pollution, very noisy and with more cars than ever. You hear music blaring, and the car filled with vendors of our goodies (snacks of sugar cane, pineapple or watermelon slices and cunt). From this point of 50 cents coins are the most important because everything is usually that consultants price. There is a large traffic of people and cars, many vendors and so we come to “town”, if paying attention can see the mussels robbing the inattentive that neither they find (behind the police) … but if part time they watch nothing human resources happens … In town several passengers are lowered so that I can sit. Now the road is going a bit desolating and ‘colorful’ Market City of God is ending. Between the rails, which should pass the electric train, I spot a group of neighbors remains mayolicas pasting, clearing that would normally be on that wall but have become simpaticas rainbows and management jobs sunsets. But the evening ended, the appearance of the pharmacies and funeral homes … ahhhh! we approach the scary hospital of Maria part time jobs Auxiliadora (that where they have seen assaulting the door of the emergency). I’m already at the limit of SJM and VMT (among other things from this time no see or a semaphore). We passed under the bridge and entered a new world.

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