Original and imitation ” Eames Plastic Chair

Charles Ray Eames are among the leading figures of twentieth century design. The Eames Plastic Side Chair is a contemporary version of the legendary Fiberglass Chair.Designed in collaboration antiquities for sale with Zenith Plastics for the contest Low-Cost Furniture Design at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and was the first industrially manufactured chair in plastic. is considered by many experts to be one of the world’s leading dealers in rare and exquisite pieces, rare unique and fascinating works of art! More and more people we have a fake without knowing it. It is a pity that when buying one of these pieces tell us that they are original seller, knowing the same, they are willing to sell imitation and “swindle.” These are Egyptian antiquities some things to consider antiquities auction when buying a Eames Plastic Chair. On this occasion, antiquities with enough detail and we will know the difference between original and imitation of an Eames Plastic Chair in a second. Under the seat is recorded the signature of Charles Ray Eames and the stamp of who antiquities dealers produces and distributes Vitra Eames Plastic Chair. Would you know name any other difference between original and imitation of the Eames Plastic Chair

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