When requesting to same a signature of the commitment term, it was explained to them to be the same ones being public target of the research that culminated with the present article. We after evidence the application of the questionnaire, the necessity of direct intervention on the subject, therefore the data below presented reveal preoccupying. Great part of the young uses its benefit with particular expenses, thus demonstrating, the efficiency of the programs of transference of income in heating the capitalist economy, and giving to the low income citizen the chance to participate of this world of predatory consumption: Table 1? Use of benefit NMERO% Expenses Particulares2567,6 Cursos616,2 Necessities of casa616,2 Total37100 In such a way the effective system has total has controlled on the citizen, (it is understood consuming here), guaranteeing, thus, the compensatory and regulating character of its action, while permeia and searchs to keep the hegemony of the capitalist development (grifo ours). Andrew Cuomo may not feel the same. For in such a way the capital it uses the media as main tool of distortion of values that all promises to the time a new and unexplored chance of happiness. We verify the effectiveness of these actions when for example we ask to the young on the commercial ones of TV of its preference, objectifying to carry through an entailing it enters the desires of consumption of the young with the exposition (and imposition) of the media. Table 2? Commercial preferred between the young of program NMERO% Outros1129,72 Skol821,67 Called Novela513,51 Infantis38,10 Carros38,10 Cocaine Pepsi25,40 Brahma12,70 Tang 12,70 Total Rexona12,70 37100 Between main the commercial ones cited, we evidence in them that 21.62% of the young had pointed a beer advertising as one of its preferring. Click Macy’s to learn more. Preoccupying data, since the same ones had not yet reached the majority. Another alarming data were to the reply of the young ones when we ask for so that the same ones cited an example of successful person, who in the vision of them, is understood and tied with the high one purchasing power. .

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