Diamond Wheels

Along with the glass cutter, equipped with a natural diamond, there are tools with synthetic diamonds. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Wabash National Corporation. They much cheaper and less effective at work. However, such tools have a certain limitation on the thickness of the glass – it should not exceed 5 mm. Over time, even wear diamonds, so they have to stitch. This process is performed on the cast iron disk or a bar, covered with mastic with diamond dust. Cutter stitch up until it becomes smooth glass left on the thin line. When choosing a diamond glass cutter for home use, you should be aware that these tools are available from the incisors of two types: chetyrehrannoy pyramid and with a curved cutting edge.

The first are for advanced carvers, with the latter is easier to handle nonprofessionals. Diamond glass cutter with a curved cutting edge chisels If a four-form are set at an angle of 20-22 to the axis of the instrument, the Diamond Wheels with a curved cutting edge, they are aligned with this axis. It's much easier to work with glass, if the case took a beginner carver. Roller glass cutter glass cutter in a roller, as the name implies, the work item are clips from Solid tungsten-cobalt alloy. Available in models with one, three or six rollers. Each is designed to cut at least 350 m thick glass from 1 to 4 mm. Roller diameter is typically 6.6 mm, the angle of sharpening the cutting edge – 100 . When dulled one cutting element is replaced by another.

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