Crisis or No Crisis?

Today the crisis means no money. Businesses are illiquid and this makes it difficult to stay afloat. For me, now that I think of it, the word crisis means that I have an opportunity to be more efficient in my expenses and offer new and better services to my clients. It is the opportunity, at a time when conditions change, see in more detail what traditionally observe carefully – Here is an opportunity we must observe! Many people can not see the opportunities that are in difficult times.

For many others, a change in the expected course of events can mean the end. For others, instead, a crisis means learning opportunity. The truth is that many of the cases, after some time, most people find the way forward even in the face of fairly complex situations. I’m not saying that, for example, a major loss for a moment of joy, that lack of money is a cause for celebration or that the world economic situation a cause for celebration.

What I am saying is that crises are a call to the reality that invites us to observe, to re-edit, reinvent. One can assume difficulty as a tragedy or as a teachable moment. Calling it a crisis is itself a choice, we can interpret the difficult times as a steadfast barrier or simply as a stop that gets in the way helping to slow down for a moment to look closely.

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