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Maria was the only daughter of Henry VIII and his first wife, Catherine of Aragon to survive childhood. His mother had numerous abortions, a sister and three brothers born dead barely lived among them, including Henry, Duke of Cornwall, which had preceded it. Mother’s side was the granddaughter of Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabel I of Castile. Born at the Palace of Placentia in Greenwich, London. He was baptized with Cardinal Thomas Wolsey as godfather. Maria was a sickly girl with vision problems, major headaches. John Hussey, Baron Hussey of Sleaford was his chamberlain, and his wife, Lady Anne, daughter of George Gray, was one of the assistants Mary.
Despite his health problems, Maria I was a precocious girl. Much of this recognition of his painstaking education is due to his mother, who had the school Juan Luis Vives. Maria I also studied Greek, science and music. In July 1521, with just five and a half years, entertained the visitors with a representation of the virginal (a smaller harpsichord). Henry VIII loved the front and boasted to his friends of his good behavior. When Maria was nine years old, her father donated his own court at Ludlow Castle, and several royal prerogative, which were granted only to the Prince of Wales, Princess of Wales even called. In 1526, Maria was sent to Wales to preside over the Council of Wales and the Marches. Despite the affection that the processing, Henry was deeply disappointed that their marriage had no sons.
During his childhood Enrique business potential marriage for his daughter. When he was only two years was promised to the son of King Francis I of France, but three years is to cancel the deal. In 1522 it was agreed by the Treaty of Windsor, he married his cousin, Emperor Charles V, who by then had 22 years. However, years later this commitment is broken. That’s when it was suggested to marry the father of the dolphin of France, Francis I, who wanted an alliance with England. A marriage treaty was signed in which it was stipulated that I was married to Maria Francis I or his second son Henry, Duke of Orleans. However, Cardinal Wolsey, chief adviser of Henry VIII, to secure the alliance without marriage.
Meanwhile, the marriage of Maria’s parents was in jeopardy due to the inability to produce the male heir that Henry VIII wanted. this attempt to cancel your marriage, but Pope Clement VII refused his request. Is speculated that the Pope’s decision was influenced by the old promise of the mother and nephew of Maria I, Charles V . Henry VIII had claimed consanguinity (despite the debate on the possible consummation of the marriage) and his wife had previously been married to his brother Arthur. In 1533 King Henry VIII secretly married Anne Boleyn and later marriage to Catherine was invalid. Henry then broke with the Catholic Church and was proclaimed head of the Anglican Church. As a result, Technology Catherine of Aragon lost his title of queen but kept the Princess of Wales widow (that title would like the widow of Prince Arthur). Mary I was declared illegitimate, step to the treatment Israel of Lady Mary, and banished from the line of succession, his sister in his post, the daughter of Anne Boleyn, the future Elizabeth I. Maria I was expelled from the Court, as Zeff well as his servants in their work and was forced to serve as maid of company Elizabeth I. He was not allowed to see his mother or to attend his funeral in 1536. It is said that the reason for his behavior toward the cold half-sister Elizabeth is due to the treatment he received during these years.
When Anne Boleyn was beheaded, Isabel lost princess and her treatment step to the status of Lady Isabel, as well as was removed from the line of succession. After two years of this, Henry VIII married Jane Seymour, who died after giving birth to a boy, the future Edward VI. Maria was the prison matron and grief at his funeral. In response to this gesture, Edward VI granted it a home and allowed him to reside in the royal palaces. The publication of personal expenses made during this period show that he lived in Hatfield House, the Palace of Beaulieu (also called Newhall), Richmond and Hunsdon.
In 1943 Henry VIII married his sixth wife, Catherine Parr, who managed to unite the whole family. A year later, using the succession of Henry VIII came to include his two daughters in the line of succession after the The zeffs place occupied by his brother Eduardo, although still declared illegitimate.
Henry VIII died in 1547 and his son Edward VI succeeds him. Since he is still a minor, a regency council becomes dominated by Protestants who tried to put their faith in the entire country.

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