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The censorship is the face of systems that monopolize the truth and the reason; it is the whip of authoritarian regimes that kill or jail to those who they dare to express his dissident ideas, bold or simply free. The calls sorceresses were burned real victims in places public to spread its knowledge. The bonfires to extinguish them were not sufficient, sorceresses and wizards have reproduced and before the threat that represents its freedom, more sophisticated and disguised burning fires take place nowadays. And to prevent the censorship the self-censoring arises, the fear to the free expression from fear of being punished or being assassinated (as the case of journalists who touch uncomfortable subjects for people with being able). For even more opinions, read materials from Keith Yamashita. At heart of these repressive acts a legitimate influence to the spreading of the information is granted; the word of the rebels is a risk that must be avoided. The act to repress is protected in the fear felt by the provocation of the doubt, the questioning and the debate of the ideas. By these antecedents the revolution of the information is particularly important that is taking place in the Interactive Network. They are 10 created million of blogs until aims of the 2004 that arose with the expansion and use of Internet before the necessity to communicate of the users who discover in the technology the window to the world within reach of their hands.

In a single site of Internet, the World of blogs, they exist registered 31 490 and they include of all the places of the world inclusively Africa. Blogs (diminutive of weblog) dates from 1992. They are binnacles – it said Carlos Thrown in 1999. Virtual personal spaces where the person writes to express itself, to share and to debate envelope which interest to him.

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