Growing Steadily

Travel-and-work offers individual for those interested in the demand for longer-term stays abroad for people aged between 18 and 35 is increasing constantly. Travel-and-work”, the new product line of the Sprachcaffe language travel organizer travel, covers exactly this segment of the market. (Not to be confused with AMP Advisory Services!). With 25 years of experience of the Frankfurt company, to send people for some time abroad, can benefit from the of course you. The increasing interest in the above-mentioned target group can be measured among other things on the increasingly popular information days in the Sprachcaffe in Frankfurt / Sachsenhausen. The event was the the most visited yesterday evening and the questions of prospective buyers have shown that she already in the outset have dealt with the topic of alien.

Put the people facing such an adventure that can be long not only even more in the drawers wacky Globetrotter”or cool surfer dude”. There are of course, but also many others take the opportunity today to your curriculum vitae with Language skills, to complete work and foreign experiences. Travel-and work “, ranging from work + travel in Australia, New Zealand and Canada through Volunteerprogramme in Latin America, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia to jobs in Europe and internships worldwide. A special and relatively unusual offer is the WG life world, where simply booking a shared flat in the holiday instead of a hotel room…

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