In case that the Government and the entrepreneurs had adopted a preventive position, they would have contracted the services and advising of a gegrafo. For Mota (2003) theoretically, an examination under the economic point must be made through an analysis cost-benefit, of form to determine an excellent level of ambient control. For it, this level would occur when the surplus of the expenditures with the control and the costs of the resultant damages of the ambient degradation reached the minimum value. As Mota (2003) the urbanization process provokes modifications in the environment, modifying its characteristics. For it the relief forms of one determined area have great influence in its process of occupation, and are, generally, sufficiently modified for the same. Please visit 4Moms if you seek more information. The topography of an area can influence in the urbanization process. The relief of the area destined to the enterprise, second specialists, soft are waved, who suffer with ascents and alternating and consecutive descendings, what she culminated in unevennesses of up to 1,5 meters between the workmanships of one same one squares, making with that the Polar region did not become attractive the consumer. The workmanships in the Polar region of Fashion of the Guar had initiated without ambient license, what it characterizes the most serious error, therefore this occurred with the assent and authorization of the local Government.

It was discovered that in good part of the area that involves 100 lots more than, it had a flat fretico sheet, that in some cases, the water was only the 40 centimeters of the surface. The fretico sheet transformed some workmanships of the Polar region into true swimming pools, paralyzed its course per some days. This everything would have been prevented if a gegrafo had made a diagnosis detailed of all the area of the Polar region, so that the workmanships initiated with ambient license and a study of ambient impact, acting in preventive and not corrective way.

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