Foreign Minister Ribbentrop

All of us on the Great Patriotic War, but has not yet been restored historic justice. Speaking of our victories, historians usually remember the battle for Moscow, during which the Red Army has dispelled the myth of invincible German army, the battle for Stalingrad became the turning point in the course of the Second World War and the Battle of Kursk, after which the Germans were forced onto the defensive on all fronts. Unfortunately, the military historians belittle the significance of the battle for the Caucasus. But it began almost simultaneously with Stalingrad and in the strategic plan has been critical of Hitler. Even in his directive of August 21, 1941 said: "It is imperative as soon as possible to go into areas where Russia gets the oil.

" July 23, 1942, Hitler signed a detailed plan to seize the Caucasus. German Foreign Minister Ribbentrop said: "When the Russian oil reserves are depleted, Russia will forced to her knees. " It is difficult to understand why the Soviet command did not pay due attention to the aspirations of Hitler and failed to take necessary measures to strengthen the defense of the Caucasus. By the summer of 1942 in the South and North Caucasian fronts were only 121 000 people, 112 tanks, 2160 guns and 130 planes of the old structures. The enemy, by this time to advance to the Caucasus produced a huge force: 167 thousand people, 1130 tanks, 4540 guns and 1000 aircraft. Hitler's command was convinced that the Caucasus would be taken at one stroke, the local people happy to meet with German troops.

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French Invasions

In the period of the sixty years that Portugal was under the Spanish domain, Brazil was invaded by Holland, from 13 of September of 1598, which if established in Pernambuco and developed the sugar production, under the administration of conde Maurcio de Nassau. Ruined, however, Portugal financially it did not have conditions to banish the dutches and signed a peace accord, establishing that Holland could not extend its domnios on Portuguese ownerships, what was not fulfilled, therefore had invaded possesses in Africa. In 26 of January of 1654, they had legalized one treat one in the campina of the Taborda, in Recife, but the total surrender only occurred after the signature of the Peace of Haia, in 6 of August of 1661, when Portugal agreed to paying eight million florins, correspondents the sixty and three tons of gold, in forty years. With all the persistence of Portugal and Spain in colonizing the continent, the European nations if had felt harmed with the Treat one to Tordesilhas. Although wood-Brazil to have its value of commerce, of the spices with India still was much more lucrative.

Portugal had financial difficulties and assigned to the main noblemen the privilege to explore wood-Brazil, by means of payment of taxes. In this period, the Brazilian wealth were coveted by Frenchmen, dutches and English and sent ships with the objective also to explore wood-Brazil. Portugal created the expeditions bodyguard, but the Frenchmen if feeling wronged, had opted to the invasion of lands and authorizeed the ships will attack the Portuguese as indemnity form, beyond ordering the privateers will arrive in port in search of wood-Brazil. In 1555, the French protestants ran away from the religious persecutions, and had established France Antarctica in Rio De Janeiro, but they had been rejected by the Portuguese after years of fight, in 1567, under the leadership of Estcio de S.

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Santa Rosa Professor

Still in ends of century XIX, in another point of America, speaking for an auditorium crowded in an international horticulture congress, the botanical Liberty Hyde Bailey, world-wide recognized, thus took the veil: ' ' the man little can make to produce variations in plantas' '. Meanwhile, in 1882, Burbank if involved in experiments with the potato and this never more would be the same one. Its colored predecessor gained a rind clarinha and a soft and flavorful interior. He was also in these gone that it developed a plum? that he imposed themselves in California and it was the car head of its ' ' revolution pomolgica' ' , together with the popular peach ' ' Burbank July Elberta' ' , the nectarina Gold, and other varieties of quince, blackberries, chestnut trees, almonds tree, etc. Professor of Vries arrived of Holland and were disappointed when seeing that casinha where Burbank worked it excused to library and laboratory and that all the notations were made in pieces of brown paper of bag or in the verse of envelopes and letters. However, the famous dutch recognized it as a born genius and wrote that Luther ' ' evolucionista&#039 deserved the highest admiration for its value for the doctrine; '. Professor Liberty Hyde Bailey also was the Santa Rosa, in the same farm where of Vries he was estupefado, not only to change its speech in future congresses as to write in the magazine ' ' World? s Work' ': ' ' Luther Burbank is a professional creator of plants who, in our country, practically meets alone in its field.

As much and so surprising are the new plants that it gave to the world, that calls already it ' ' Mago of the Horticultura' '. But this epteto finished for premaking use against its work a good number of people. Luther Burbank is not one mago.

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Hunger Zero

Nstor Rivero us remembers, that Argentina produces 10 times the foods that consumes, but is much people, and children, who die of hunger. Brazil 8 times, and is equal. And Latin America, 3 times which needs to consume, except for Haiti, Dominicana and Panama with production problems. " There is no excuse so that there is hunger in our region, the problem is the model of concentration of wealth and maldistribution of the entrance. Although we improved, the goal is to exile the undernourishment from now until 2025&quot gradually; , it indicated to the Newspaper Bugler the representative of the FAO for Latin America and the Caribbean, Jose Graziano Da Whistles. Ex- person in charge of the plan Hunger Zero in Brazil, Gives Whistles said, that in the region there are 53 million of undernourished by poverty (of them, 20 million are young), within the 216 million poor men, 42% of the population. " The low poverty and countries like Argentina that did a surprising work these years in nourishing security, Brazil, Cuba, Costa Rica, Chile, Colombia or Ecuador improve. But the rest not as much, and is a subject that does not require high costs we have food surpluses but changes of policies pblicas".

The FAO indicates that the governments do not know where they are the poor men, those that pass hunger. Sometimes the mother of children hides subnourished it by shame. And they are those organizations those that know, are involved in the searches of solutions directly. Also they criticize, for example the mst by the delays in the agrarian reform. Or they warn generally on the environmental impact and of dependency of the model of transgenic production of soybean and, in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. The FAO notices the necessity to diversify the farming production. Definitively, the governments must pay more attention to him to this serious situation, knowledge to administer their economic entrances efficiently, wealth that help to solve the serious problems that many countries confront, as the case of Venezuela that must invest its dollars, income for the health, education, house and mainly the production of its basic products and not depend on the import of these. Original author and source of the article.

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African Economy

To save means to spend little expenditure. We save when we spend little income in consumption or still when we obtain to get exactly resulted with the same resources. For example, the automobile when it walks to a lesser speed that 100Km/h consumes combustible little. In this direction, the company makes internal economies, when reducing its average costs of production imposing bigger efficiency in its activity or when it benefits itself of the external economies, that is the external factors of production to the company help to save less spending of its income, for example when it reduces the fuel cost in the external market, the energy cost low. The same it is applied when it reduces the cost of transport and raw materials or the products to the exit of the door of the plant. To make economy means to deprive itself to satisfy some necessities gifts saving for the future, life with economy means the rational and moderate job of the available economic goods. In the moambicana current version to make economy means the retention of costs in the public administration.

II) Moambicana economy, African Economy or Economy of the SADC In this in case that, we are to assign a national, regional or continental system economic. Here we are assigning a determined social system, related to the space and in the time, analyzed in the perspective of the production and satisfaction of the necessities human beings. Thus, the economic aspect is a particular case of the social one, the national, regional or continental scale. III) Economy – Scientific Knowledge. One is about an area of studies and scientific knowledge, substance that is studied by the studious economists or other competent ones (managers of companies, controllers of State, etc.). Econmica science if worries in managing with yield the productive activities, the goods and services and the public, particular or private patrimnio.

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Daily Payhistory

Who never woke up in the way of a night desiring to come back toward those pleasant situations of its imaginary world? Or who never if scared with nightmares of this Metaphysical universe that we adentramos during sleep. The prehistoric man also dreamed and had its proper conceptions concerning these questions that are so beyond the material limits. To understand as it functioned the world of the prehistoric dreams and you influence them to which that these had under its half one are the objective of this work. However, valley to stand out of the extreme difficulty found in such taken over on a contract basis by the fact to inexist registers written concerning the subject. Source: Hikmet Ersek. When it is said in a so transcendental subject, little of what it is known can be used to advantage. To conclude this article, however, although all the found obstacles, requeriu the use of based scientific methods in the comment and the comparison of data.

The cultural anthropology in ‘ ‘ emprestou’ ‘ in the good one felt of the word, its techniques of search concerning the truth of the man, allowing the analysis of primitive cultures that coexist with our modern world, that, for some anthropologists, are reflected of the study object that as much we want to understand: the prehistoric man. Biology, and the ramifications of natural science, as the Darwinismo, in turn, were of extreme importance in this study and without its scientific methods we would not get no objetividade and exactness as was intended. The social being was treated as a whole, an invariant alive organism in its independent organic esquematizao of space-time. Using of the modern rationalism we acquire the capacity of enxergar with more clarity the past. The creative dreams and its relations with the development of the surreal thought, the interpretation of dreams and its linkings with the difficulties of the private life, the individual value concerning the interpretation of the abstract are only some of the subjects treated in the present article.

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The Daily

In day 13 of May of 1888, the Daily periodical of Notice publishes in its pages under the editorial form: Let us raise in front that our time arrived! What our shout of enthusiamo today goes to the confines of the world to take the grateful news of that the Brazil? it exempts, completely exempts? it complains logar that it competes to it in the great slap-up meal of the humanity! Untwined heres of the referring to abolitionism idea, you that you were infastigaveis in sacrosanta propaganda in prol d? a race mizerrima, we greet you with all the chos of the native land, with all the humanity feelings! the ones that had been restrained by the death, before seeing to shine the dawn of the redemption, had received ours solemme homage! That its you flow venerating itself they regosigem with the happiness that starts for aquelles for who had in such a way worked! enslaved it of hontem and citizens of today, unamo-us for the enlargement of the dear native land! We can perceive that he has a speech in which if he desires to erase a past that did not represent the modern civilization. The representations of the escravista institution generally multiplied for its negative aspects. Phrases as ' ' black instituio' ' she gave idea of as the regimen was appointed words of strong meanings. In this direction, to perceive that Brazil if presented to the world as a nation that was ready for participation of great ' ' slap-up meal of humanidade' ' it is to perceive that this exactly speech is impregnated of new meanings for that an opposition could occur enters the direction to participate of the slap-up meal that is metaforizado and impersonatied in the 13 of May and, at the same time, to establish the difference that marks the new event or ' ' inventado' ' in detriment what it was desired to erase.

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American Constitution

The black had paper basic in the Brazilian economy since the minerador period, passing for the sugar bowl, but it was in the coffee period that its use if became indispensable. For being of certain &#039 not only forms a man power; ' barata' ' , but because the fusing of the slavery and the high profits of the coffee that had supported the Empire had been sudden combinations. How much to the affirmation of that the enslaved age ' ' barato' ' , it is a inverdade, therefore this analysis is very relative, had at the cost of one ' ' pea' ' (1 adult = 1 part; 2 great children = 1 part; 3 small children = 1 part) cost carssimo, having an approach in current values something around R$50.000.00 (fifty a thousand Reals). But the fact of the black slave not to represent considerable future expenses, being highly lucrative became it of favorable acquisition. The black slave in full forced activities lived 7 years on average, and the blacks of the Great House that played house works arrived to live something around 15 years. The enslaved one was an expensive luxury and that the desire of all in the independent society of its rank or function instigated. We will now make a more particular analysis on the question of the slavery in the corresponding period to the years of 1820 up to 1888 when they had been the libertos slaves.

Its necessity, performance and the constant English onslaught in its ' ' libertao' ' , that it are only done really for the masonry. Having the slavery as main source of income together with the coffee, the Brazilian government sketched constant concern with the maintenance of the escravista process. Test of this is of that in the Constitution of 1824 that it was well to say ' ' copiada' ' of the American Constitution (for containing great manico text in its content) it defended the right of the owners of slaves.

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Unified Resume

Source: City department of Is Domingos of the Araguaia? Par. As if it can notice above in the one in the cut of the table, the content of History does not contemplate the thematic one of the Local History and the Daily one suggested by the PCNs, citing only some points of the History of So that most of the time it is not worked by the fact of the resume to be very extensive and almost never to be possible to contemplate the content all. See more detailed opinions by reading what Hikmet Ersek offers on the topic.. It fits then to the professor to insert this thematic one in its practises professor, being that when this is not made the learning of the pupils it can not occasion the desired results generating an acquisition of historical knowledge unprovided of meaning and without relation with the reality of the pupil. As the city adopts the Unified Resume, and this resume in its construction did not insert the participation of the professors, where it was only transcribed of models of the curricular matrix suggested by regulating agencies of the education without no concern in valuing the local culture, where Fonseca affirms that ' ' the curricular programs fulfill the task of universalizao of knowing, spread out knowledge until certain point standardized, defined and chosen teams in the competent sphere? the specialists of the Secretariats of Educao.' ' (Fonseca, 1993, P. 65). Thus the resume if becomes a proposal linear and unprovided of the participation of the professors and the interdisciplinaridade a time that its linearity finishes making it difficult the interaction of others you discipline with similar subjects for the simple fact of the content to be able to be worked in a different order of the linear order of the resume becoming traditional and closed. Get all the facts and insights with Jeff Gennette, another great source of information. To put the resume today it has an important paper in the educative process where in it must be I contest inserted it cultural and historical searching the formation of the identity of the students who through this way rescue and value its origins and understand better contest it social which are part.

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Julien Bonnecase Law

What is the law? This is the first question we must ask. And what size problem solve this, is because the first obstacle with which our mind is is the multiplicity of meanings and senses that given the right word. But beside these terminological difficulties also encounter other difficulties of scientific character, based according to Julien Bonnecase, who does not take a unanimous concept on elements of science, more explicitly that there is no agreement on the point relative to determine which are the actual rules of law sources, since some do not want to take into account if not the experimental element, and others, on the contrary, placed above this experimental element, or, in any event, in close union with him, a rational element, namely, the notion of right but, continues the author, this is not the only obstacle in the scientific field. There is another that consists of some jurists do not recognize autonomy to the Science of law and incorporate it into a discipline of a scope which is more general, more (sic) particularly morale 1. Understood the foregoing we go concluding that there is no single or unique definition of law to which we refer as the valid or true. Moreover, writers of the stature of maximum PACHECO, prefer to deal with this problem of the definition of the right in a last chapter of its introduction or theory of law books, after treating in detail the major issues that we face in our manual! Others, such as the same BONNECASE JULIEN, already cited, however, believes that despite everything, even in what regards the experimental sciences, the definitions constitute an inevitable starting point, when it comes, not delivered to original research but rather start on early budgets of these sciences. Hence the need to start from a definition of the right in an introduction to the study of the law 2. . Francisco D’Agostino often says this.

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