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New Trade Fair Highlight: IT Executive Lounge

Advanced programme for IT & business and DMS EXPO / industry experts discuss IT trends and stimulate Stuttgart, October 5, 2012. For the first time, the IT Executive Lounge will take place this year during the IT & business, trade fair for IT solutions, and the DMS EXPO, leading trade fair for enterprise content management. Here, representatives of from reputable companies will discuss the top trends in the IT industry on all three days of the event, from 23 to 25 October 2012. Big data, cloud computing, and mobile solutions are on the agenda. Interested parties who want to see the discussion from pragmatic to visionary should register advance free of charge online. Together with the high-tech Association BITKOM the IT & business and DMS EXPO organizers have devised this year a special highlight for the visitors. The IT Executive Lounge that meets all three days of the fair who’s-who of the industry, to the trends to obtain big data, cloud computing, and mobile solutions position. Keep three representatives from the corporate governance a ten-minute speech as the basis for the subsequent discussion on the respective topic.

The event is supported by the German periodical Computerwoche and CIO magazine exclusively. “Big data in focus at the start of the IT Executive Lounge speaks among other things on 23 October from 14:30 16:00 Jurgen Kunz, Senior Vice President, Northern Europe and Managing Director of Oracle Germany b.v. & co. KG, about big data”. The market research company Gartner identified this topic as one of the ten most important IT trends this year. Because the amount of data in companies is rising sharply, the sources are becoming more diverse and harder to control – keyword social media. IT managers are faced with the challenge to manage this huge flood of data law and policy-compliant and useful to prepare. Including industry giant Oracle how to so, reveals the expert talk on the first day of the fair.

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Environments and Landscapes

In the world you can find a wide variety of environments, due to the presence of different geographical and climatic conditions which accommodate the formation of a variety of landscapes that make up the globe, a clear example of this is the presence Planet of the deserts, ecosystems because their conditions may present as little habitable environments for people, which has accommodated that in speaking of deserts says are settings with little life to a severe lack of water, but this is not a criterion that is present in all deserts, since each has specific conditions that accommodate the presence of certain types of life finally deserts are one more of the components that make up the whole environments and ecosystems that accommodate the diversity of the planet earth. The main aspect that makes the deserts are specific conditions that accompany their image, is the lack of rainfall, ie rainfall and other water resources, which has the effect that the deserts are a surface almost completely uninhabited, since most living things need a good amount of water to live, which adds another effect of the lack of rainfall, which is the presence of a barren field. Through various studies in various deserts, it was determined that in these areas the presence of rain usually does not exceed 250 mm during the year, along with the presence of a warm by the dominance of the sun and the absence of clouds, made that these areas are arid terrain conditions and little habitable. Despite the extreme characteristics that may occur in deserts, in some it is possible the presence of abundant life, as different components such as vegetation and some animals fail to adapt to climatic conditions and terrain, so the vegetation does assimilate low humidity conditions and maximizes the various components of the environment and for wildlife, what they do is hide from the sun by day and thus get to keep the moisture presented in the evenings. However, the presence of life of people and forming social groups in the barren wastes that occur in deserts is unsustainable, or by using different technological applications that are currently available to the unavailability of any Next action for the support. Something particular in relation to the deserts, is that these cover the surface account for the vast majority of emerged area, ie land, since the total area of deserts that cover approximately 50 million square kilometers, which other words means that the third part of the earth's surface is made up of desert sand dunes and large with the lack of presence of water..

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Energy Sustainability In The Onshore Oil Exploration Energy

In a finite planet, the dynamics of growth are not sustainable. Limits such as non-renewable natural resources, arable land and finite ecosystem’s capacity to absorb pollution human activity was the main thesis of the report a The limits of the Club of Rome in 1972, with the aim of calculating the economic growth and ecological footprint of the population on the land within the next 100 years. After the scientific community of the ’60s began to alert the authorities, on global issues like poverty, loss of biodiversity and environmental degradation and therefore conclude that the socioeconomic system needs to adapt to the ecosystem. The origin and the increased mechanization of production activities from the second half of the eighteenth century with the advent of the industrial revolution, leading to the search for greater production efficiency and thus greater need for energy use and burning of fuel. This background meant increased use of oil-largest generator of energy, present in both the solution needs such as transportation, and manufacturing of domestic instruments (boots, brushes and soaps), as a new business and search for oil extraction and business, for consumption at exorbitant volumes worldwide. However, lack of development of national and human experiences to the proper use of oil, eventually affecting humanity, biodiversity and the environment, and it is from this background, that happened several international conferences and commissions poured over issues relating to the objectives of environmental sustainability, development and energy. This article aims to survey and analysis on energy sustainability in the development stage of oil exploration on land, identifying the causes, intervening factors that put the environment. .

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Personnel Changes In TOP – Business Administration “Atlant-M

On January 1, 2011 the Director General of the holding "Atlant-M" appointed Sergei Savitsky, currently holding the position of Director-General 'Atlant-M "in Ukraine. Oleg Husaenov takes over as Chairman of the Board of Directors "Atlant-M", as well as lead the management company "Bison Capital." Director General of "Atlant-M" in Ukraine, was appointed Gennady Pristrom. Shifts in top management are associated with the revision of the strategy and the allocation of a number of Project management in a separate holding company. The situation in the market 2008-2009. forced many automotive players to review their development strategy, including automobile and holding "Atlant-M".

In 2008, Oleg decided Husaenov away from operational activities and engage in risk management and strategic initiatives. To date, the transfer of cases completed. "We are now at the stage of growth. During this period, need someone who has competence in the field of knowledge of the laws of the automobile market, sales, marketing, CRM, a person who focuses on relationships with customers. Sergei Savitsky – a professional in these areas ", – said Oleg Husaenov.

The main functions to be performed by Oleg Husaenov as Chairman of the Board of Directors are: risk management, relationships with banks, staffing and coordination of Brenda. With this, Oleg Husaenov lead the company "Bison Capital", which was established in March 2010. Its main task – managing the fund of direct investments in Belarus. Sergei Savitsky works in holding since it was founded, from 1991 year. The main problem that confronts a Sergei Savitsky, is: to ensure continuity and succession process of growth and development "Atlant-M". Sergei Savitsky outlined a vision of development for the next three year, "Atlant-M" – the leader in the auto business in the CIS market. We want to be number one in customer focus among automotive players, with the most involved and competent staff, the business processes that make us competitive advantage. " Management "Atlant-M" in Ukraine goes to Gennady Pristromu which until now was responsible for investment activities, and began its work in holding a post as director of car sales "Atlant-M Lepse (Volkswagen, Kiev). Gennady Pristrom: "Now the Ukrainian market is in a state of recovery. Enterprises "Atlant-M" have not only stable position, but also great potential. Our task – it's like at least 30% annual growth. "

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Management Accounting

In calculating the target cost estimate calculation traditional 'cost + profit', which determine the price of the product, based on the required expenditures and expected return should be replaced by the following calculation scheme. Target price – it's a price that customers are willing to pay for the product 1. 211. Thus, it is determined by the price predisposition customers, which can be determined using various methods to search for prices on a new product. Target price on how target costing need to be defined by the market, ie either through market research. Achievable target price, some enterprise managers, reduced by the target profit. Profit – a pre-planned business rate.

Ideally, the value of the target revenue (plan) should cover the needs of the enterprise to his development and satisfaction of owners). The difference between target price and target profit gives the allowable costs, ie such costs, which in theory should not be exceeded in the production process in order to ensure the market success of the product in the long term 3, c. 17. Depending on the competitiveness and economic strategy of the company target cost, which it tends to be located between the admissible costs and regulatory costs. In the applied aspect of target costing can be attributed a number of different calculation methods related to the calculation and analysis of the target cost. However, global practice development target costing suggests that, in most cases, the target cost management system is mandatory aggregated with elements of activity-based costing, which is dictated by the orientation target costing on customer specific requests 4. Thus, we conclude that the target cost management as a tool for strategic planning allows controlling the production of new products control costs, calculate the target cost in accordance with market conditions, which directly influences the level of competitiveness. References 1.

Drury, Introduction to management and production accounting: study guide for high schools. M: Audit, 2004. – 265s. 2. Koltyarov SA Managing costs. – St. Petersburg. Peter, 2004. – 160s. 3. Mishin, Y. Managerial Accounting: cost management and production results activity. Moscow: Delo i Servis, 2002. – 176s. 4. Pashigoreva GI Savchenko, O. Managerial accounting and analysis. St. Petersburg. Peter, 2003. – 237s. 5. Sysoev, NI Reflection of costs in Management Accounting / Bookkeeping. 2002. 6. – 55c.

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