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The Constitution

Also they did not attend TV until afternoon, and they attended only the adequate programs its age, different of today, where the proper children choose what they go to make where as well as going, and to the times the parents nor are knowing what its children walk making and who is its friends. Infancy is not the same one of what it behind has some years, the children do not play more, or better, she does not have more time to play, are since very early assuming responsibilities that if equal of the adults, them has schedule for everything, for ballet, swimming, jud, English, between as much other activities that full day-by-day of the children. In many cases this happens why the parents do not have time to be with its children and thus they arrange a skill of them to have commitments and responsibilities since very early, and thus to take off the responsibility of the adults to have that to be and to take care of of the children. We can thus evidence: emergency of infancy it is, therefore, the constitution of the child as object of one to know that it takes care of to one necessity and to a will of being able: to know to govern, that is, production to know specific that they had defined infancy the adjusted technologies to intervine on it. (DORNELLES, 2005, P. 19). Infancy is disappearing, therefore with many tasks, and the media influencing the precocious growth of the children, them since very small, has innumerable activities, wants to be dressed as the adults, is very influenced by the soap operas, that make the same ones, to leave to feel pleasure in playing, with toys and tricks, truily, infantile, as for example, to play of doll, casinha, stand, marble, between as much other tricks that were part of ours infancy.

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Federal Constitution

However, still it has many that affirm not to have ability nor interest to work with the deficient one and that they will only make it will be obliged, this is lamentable, therefore all are citizens the same reality of the deficient one. The family must be the main link so that the integration happens, therefore is the first group the one that belongs a person and in it receives the stimulatons necessary to become related with the community and society, therefore the family always must be ‘ ‘ port seguro’ ‘ for the deficient one. The law of Lines of direction and Bases of National Education n 9394/96 when dealing with the Special Education, says: ‘ ‘ It is understood for special education, for the effect of this law, the modality of pertaining to school education, offered preferential in the regular net of education, for carrying educandos of necessities especiais.’ ‘ However, not yet it is possible to include to all, therefore a regular net of education does not possess adequate infrastructure and nor professional enabled. so that it has significant changes a justice is necessary that functions for that the professionals of the education know to respect the limitations of the deficient one, recognizing its differences and standing out its potentialities, and thus we will be able to discover the value to teach through the exchange, constructing the inclusive school. 1,2 Legal supports: Special education the Federal Constitution of 1988, in its Article 208, guarantees the right to the special education. It determines the creation of special programs and laws that make use on the construction of public parks and public buildings and manufacture of vehicles of collective transport, aiming at to the locomotion of access of the carrying people of deficiency and still make use on necessities of adaptations of the mentioned item, already existing. The Declaration of Salamanca, resulted international document of the Assembly of the world-wide Conference of Special Education, establishes to the governments the duty to prioritize politically and financially.

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Brazilian Constitution

How somebody can assassinate somebody through the death penalty? There it goes to have that to appear plus a law to kill the assassin. Quanta ignorance! That law is this that wants to bleed the Brazilian Constitution? The countries that had forged this law are the ones that commit greater number of murders through its warlike armaments! Its laboratories are alone if specializing in the ways to kill. It will be that they find themselves dismissed of the Direction of the Life? ' ' For the elect ones of the world of the ideas, the misery is in the decay, and not in morte' '. Rui Barbosa Jurist Brazilian Diplomat KNIFE OF TWO GUMES That is a knife of two gumes. Who really wants to finish with the crime, educates, aid, it raises, it creates schools, it creates more firms all to work. It says a thing to me: To kill goes to help you? Not! Therefore its conscience goes to accuse the time all to you. Another thing: GOD is PERPETUAL and in Its Eternity he created all the beings.

Soon the assassnio to exempt does not go you of nobody. The Energy Spiritual survives, therefore it is independent. ' ' I do not know bigger satisfaction for the spirit of what to see to win the truth cientfica' '. Rui Barbosa Politician and Brazilian Jurist. HUNGER IN SAMARIA, the KING AND ABORTION 26 Passing the king of Israel for the wall, cried out a woman to it: It rescues me, king, mine Sir? 27 It said to it: If Mr. does not rescue you, of where will rescue you I? Of eira or lagar? 28 the king Answered to it: What you have? It answered: To this she said me woman: Of your son, so that, today, let us eat it e, tomorrow, we will eat mine.

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Czech Visas

In other words, will actively seek bogus addresses that are used by foreigners in the Czech Republic for the visa status of residence permit. In addressing these issues experts of realtor companies Prague Lion ready to help and to search for, legal analysis and design of real estate transactions for foreigners from , Russia and Ukraine and other fsu countries. Presence in property from a foreigner in the Czech Republic, his estate will automatically terminate all of these questions. After the third reading of Czech senators key sections of the law look like this. Amendment to the Act on Residence of Aliens in the cr 1 January 2010 will enter the amendment of the law 326/1999 Sat On Residence of Foreigners in the Czech Republic with regard to health insurance. The changes apply to 180i, and are associated with this provision governing the medical insurance for foreigners living in the Czech Republic. Below is a draft law, which must go through the legislative process, which will be published in the new 'Code of Laws of the Czech Republic'. Along with the law number 326/1999 Sat will also changed the law number 363/1999 Insurance. Draft text of 180i: 'Document of medical insurance for a period of presence in the country until 90 days according to this law, an insurance document – a policy that provides and covers medical expenses in connection with an accident or sudden illness in the Czech Republic, including the transportation costs of the insured in the event of his death related to the transportation of the remains in a state where foreigner has permanent residence, or in another state, which officially allowed to stay, the amount of insurance must be at least 30 000 euros.

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