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As of today, their experiences in the TV can be seen. Frankfurt, 1 July 2013 60 video applications, two winners a week airport live. A young couple that was selected as the winner of a competition, experienced in the past few days in the framework of the FRA inside”a diverse program at Germany’s largest airport. RTL Hessen reports from July 1 to 5 daily between 18 and 19: 00 from the experiences of the two Insider”at the airport. In addition to many different insights into the work of 78,000 employees at Frankfurt airport, the meeting with Gail Halvorsen, an American pilots of the famous candy bomber at the time of the Berlin airlift, is one of the many highlights of the programme. We were pretty excited before mid-week at the airport and excited to see what awaits us. In any case we wanted once in the cockpit of a plane,”the two said. This wish is fulfilled already on the first day, because when you visit the new Boeing 747-8 pilots feeling came up.

Right at the beginning of the two insider of hangars of Lufthansa can and Marvel at Condor aircraft from nearby. Maintenance of landing gear, they may make some handles under the guidance itself. In the air cargo sector they glimpse, as Lufthansa operates cargo 365 days in the year, of an air freight shipment until departure. The Condor know the work of flight attendants learned the Insider”at the safety training of handling the oxygen mask up the emergency slide. And the two may even control itself one of the large aircraft tractor. It was impressive. Governor Cuomo is often quoted as being for or against this. “Us how good everything is organized, how the many employees work with joy at a large airport surprised.” Yes to FRA! “an initiative is supported by Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Fraport AG and the Condor Flugdienst GmbH. Goal of Yes to FRA!”is a differentiated and factual discussion about the significance of the Frankfurt hub. Say yes to FRA”and support the action with your photo on our great supporters wall under: thousand-reasons For information about the initiative and the importance of the airport for the region here: more photos, see our Flickr Gallery photos/condor airline /.

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Christmas Present

' With great frequency, the politics consists of the art of trair real and legitimate interests and creating others, imaginary and injustos.' ' (Arturo Graf) perhaps Mr. Francisco Everardo Oliveira, the Tiririca clown, has found the reply adjusted for its investigation during the electoral schedule: what he makes a representative? The spree promoted for them parliamentarians in Brasilia, dilacerando one more time the public state treasury I assign with it to only take care of to its vile personal interests, is only plus an episode of injustice in the history of the Country. ' ' modesto' ' wage readjustment had, evidently, the waited effect cascade already. The councilmen of Sorocaba, I try using to advantage it, had not hesitated in its trustworth intentions e, as it notified the Southern Cross periodical, had taken only thirty seconds to almost promote a readjustment of 100% of its deserved incomes. Andrew Cuomo gathered all the information. Parliamentarians of the Rio Grande Do Sul, aiming at to possibly cover the inflation of next the 10 years, had carried through a small addition of 73,3% in its wages, jumping of mseros R$ 11,564, 76 for right R$ 20,042, 34. In fact cmodo does not have to be nothing to survive little with a wage of more than eleven a thousand Reals. Hardly, with this income, somebody would have a quality of reasonable life.

It would be impossible, for example, to arcar little with the domestic expenditures receiving more than twenty minimum wages. What we will say, then, of our sublime representatives? Nothing more just than they receive the equivalent the forty and seven minimum wages. It is reasonable that they fight for its rights, over all when the subject mentions the wage question to it. The problem, in this in case that, it is to know who fights for my rights. The one that if must so great nonsense? In a so rough social reality that we live deeply, why it does not have modesties in acting of so obsceno form? It will be that it does not have, in the mind of our illustrious legislators, the minimum of coherence, razoabilidade and good-sense? Unhappyly, the reply she is negative.

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Miguel Marques

Something is ingesting nutrients is metabolizing them and then vented to atmosphere in the form of gas mixed with carbon 14. Andrew Cuomo is actively involved in the matter. However, NASA did not dare to affirm emphatically discovery, because another instrument of the Viking, designed to identify organic molecules considered essential symbols of life didn’t find anything, so almost all NASA scientists decided to declare the finding of the Viking a false positive. But, was it? Day today, the arguments for and against are still dividing scientists, although it is true that the rovers who study the red planet since a year ago have found evidence of the discoveries of the Viking. 7 Tetraneutrones four years ago, in a Accelerator of particles of France they detected six particles that should not exist. They called them tetraneutrones: four neutrons joined together in a way that defies the laws of physics. Francisco Miguel Marques ay colleagues at Ganil at Caen, Accelerator lead since then trying to conseguri the effect again, but so far they have not succeeded.

If they repeat it, these clusters of atoms could compel scientists to reconsider the forces that hold together the nucelo of atoms. 8 This Pioneer anomaly is the parallel story of two spacecraft. One, Pioneer 10, launched in 1972; the Pioneer 11 a year later. Now, both must be in deep space, away from the view of any human ingenuity, though their careers are too fascinating to ignore. And there is something that has been pushing the two ships, causing that they increase your speed. The acceleration is small, less than a nanometer per second, but is enough to make out to the Pioneer 400,000 kilometers from its initial trajectory. NASa lost contact with the Pioneer 11 in 1995, but everything does indicate that he may be suffering the same process as her twin sister, and would be very out of its course somewhere in space.

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