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Central Administrative Region

With the support of the analyses of the ways, he made possible the elaboration of the Ambient Diagnosis of the city of Itabirito, region metropolitan of Disgnostic Belo Horizonte MG.O Ambient is the current characterization of a region, carried through through studies to multidiscipline that they aim at to tell the beneficial and maleficent aspects of different environments of the city. In set with the characterization an analysis is carried through technique of each boarded subject, that it makes possible to identify the causes of the ambient degradation. With the boarded information in the diagnosis beyond the analyses techniques, the work can serve as subsidy to the agencies of the government for future workmanships. GENERAL 2-DESCRIPTION OF the CITY DE regional ITABIRITO2.1Localizao of the estudoItabirito area places in the Southeastern region of Brazil in the state of Minas Gerais, pertaining to the microregion of Ouro Preto and the mesorregio metropolitan of Belo Horizonte. It is limited with the cities of Currency, Brumadinho, New Rasp, Upstream, Saint Brbara and Ouro Preto, as it shows FIG.

1. Figure 1 – Microregion de Ouro PretoFonte: Authors (2009) the headquarters of the city are situated 848m of altitude and have its position determined for the geographic coordinates of 20 31' 14' ' S of latitude and 43 41' 29' ' W of longitude (ITABIRITO, 2009). The city has an area of 549,22 km and is in the Central Administrative Region of the State, where also the cities of Belo Horizonte and others are enclosed 63 (ITABIRITO, 2009). The main way of access leaving of Belo Horizonte is the BR 040 (Belo Horizonte? Rio De Janeiro) and in the distance approached to the capital of the state is of 55 kilometers (ITABIRITO, 2009). FIG. 2 shows the access ways. Figure 2? Way of access Belo Horizonte – ItabiritoFonte: Google Maps (2009) AMBIENT 3-DIAGNOSIS OF the ITABIRITO3.1 CITY – Half fsico3.1.1- Climate the city of Itabirito presents tropical climate of altitude, typical of plateaus and mountain ranges southeastern Brazilian (ROSS, 2005).

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The Pupil

The education is only capable to distribute the income. Well-being is to make a country whose capital is the knowledge. The school of the interior of the state poor of the country must have the quality of the school of the capital of the richest Brazilian state. they need to have a next quality, until it can surpass to the one of the schools of the rich countries. Also he does not advance to increase the wage of the professor, if it will not be most formed and more dedicated. She is necessary to adopt a minimum standard of quality of the constructions and the equipment, as well as of the content in all the series of basic education in all the schools. What everything indicates, the only form of overcoming of the inquietante situation in which currently if it finds public the education Brazilian would be to not only approach the school of the necessities of the families, how much of its culture and the constructive processes gifts in the development of the child.

In the state schools currently, the pupil and the pupil if see debtors to coexist situations of violence, desperation and hopelessness, before which, the majority of the professors simply gave up, attending everything as mere spectators, without perspectives of a humanizado and harmonious future. In this manner, the relations between the people had passed second to plain, therefore currently what less it matters he is the other. Consequently, it is essential that parents and mothers are in tune with the pertaining to school and social experience of its children children, therefore this integration tends to enrich and to facilitate the pertaining to school performance of the child. Therefore, it is necessary that they are become accustomed to participate of the pertaining to school life of the children and children. For this, a viable alternative would be the division of responsibilities between the involved citizens in the process teach-learning.

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Realistic Character

The romance of realistic character was what the great popularity conferred the Macedo, therefore its workmanships if it always fed of the conflict enters the romantic sentimental aspirations of the personages and the immediate reality. Jose de Alencar was one of the read national authors more in all the country, the fact to this prestige of popular character does not correspond not even to the simple interest of the great majority of our intellectuals. In the reality, the romancista still remains subject to explore, although its basic importance in the development of our literature. General way, critical in relation the Alencar rare left the plan of the feeling or the consideration of the facts of the biography, therefore its made literary formation in the love of the classics and later contemplated by the careful reading of the romantic ones, would not hinder to see it more far from what its contemporaries. An example of this was the act of the romance the Guarani, a well made romance and of solid structure. The pertaining to the state of Cear romancista divided the period of literature in three phases, incasing in each one of them some part of its workmanship. The first one, the primitive and second of historical character. It was understanding this that Arthur Mota divided the workmanship of Alencar in four groups: ) the historical romance which if initiates with the thematic one limited of the indianismo and evolved in the direction to extend the world in the time and the space: b) romance of the life of the city with objective to catch the conflict of the national spirit in face of it influences foreigners, whose theater it was of course the cut, the capital. Its urban romances present a survey of the bourgeois life of the century passed, but considerable of what led the effect of Axe: c) regionalistic romance what it would be the displacement of the interest of Alencar, of the national generality for the regional generality.

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Brazil Slavery

It is in this direction, that the religion afro-Brazilian gains a character of deep manifestation of the cultural resistance Therefore in it, the black it rescues and it conserves basic traces of the African epistemologia. Concomitantly, it establishes, also, a partner-cultural alternative to the white society that denies to it, while black, the condition of human value. Therefore, in the cult afro-Brazilian, the black reconstitutes, still, its identity of person humana.27 With effect, practical of the religiosidade the afro-Brazilian, denying the marxist speech of ' ' Barravento' ' , it will give in the bulge of the ample black masses unprovided of any mechanism that makes possible the return of the same ones in the complex structure of the social order, either capitalist or socialist it. Who is not the religion keeps out of society. They are the cowards politician-ideological systems.

As it writes the doctor Clvis Moura: During the slavery, however, the black transformed its religions not only but all the standards of its cultures in a resistance culture, that seems to amalgamate itself in the seio of the dominant culture, however played during the slavery? how it plays until today? a paper of social resistance, what many times escape to its proper agents, a function of defense against the culture and the structure of social domination of the oppressors. All a literature, by these reasons, was arquitetada and continues functioning in the direction to demonstrate that the African religions, and later the afro-Brazilians are inferior. 28 She is, therefore, unequivocal the position of resistance of the religious afro-Brazilians, of the period of the slavery to our days. Moreover, they express a significant mark of the cultural contribution of the black for the formation of the Brazilian culture. Through the cults to orixs, the African cosmoviso becomes present of permanent form and effective in the behavior of the partner-cultural relations of Brazil.

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Industrial Army

Working, the laborer produces a value that he exceeds to the sum of the wage, the more-value. For the production of this, the capital increases the hours of working, however when making this, it comes across itself with the resistance in the laboring classrooms, queo makes through hard fights social politics and. The capitalist extracts the more-value of continuous form emrelao to the value for used it. If thus he was not, and it consumed it entire demaneira would occur only to the repetition of the production, that is, reproduosimples. How much to the more-value he is not destined for the capitalist consumption, masempregada as capital, an increased new capital of antigo.&#039 will be formed; ' The use of the more-value as capital, or retransformao of mais-valiaem capital, is what accumulation is called capital' ' (Julian Borchardt, 1982).

The accumulation alone is possible when the more-value is transformed emcapital, and its growth if of at the same time that the capital and the mass of ' ' poor persons trabalhadores' '. Valley to observe, that, the increase of the capital becomes insuficientea explored force of work. The same it happens of inverse form: diminuiodo capital becomes abundant the force of explorvel work and devaluates seupreo. ' ' The increase of the productive force of work means that the mesmaquantidade of forces of work (v) consumes a bigger amount of production (c). The progress of the accumulation demands, therefore, necessarily, that the internal composiotcnica (organic) of the capital if modifies in such way that the parterelativamente biggest one is used in means of production (c) and with a foramenor of work (v)' ' Julian Borchard, 1982). The accumulation of the capital produces an overpopulation laboring, which can be considered one of the conditions of existence in the produocapitalista way. This overpopulation, or Industrial Army of Reserve weighs sobreo active army in the periods of form stagnation, behaving moderadanos periods of expansion.

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Federal Constitution

The USA it politics of the fear, making with that diligent agricultural they accepted its new condition, therefore still remained it the life, without land, work without expectation, but without life? Then the violence was of one of the weapons strongest for the expropriation of the peasants, as it goes to affirm Manano Bernardo: ' ' These are real facts of this development politics that wanted takes ' ' progresso' ' for the field (in a bourgeois conception of term), that, when fortifying an only form of social relation, through the violence of the disability of the rights, promoted the misery resultant of the expropriation and explorao' '. (MANANO, 1997, p.14) Then it is the principle that the violence generated for the capital in the field is resultant of the creation of a mass of peasants that before withheld a small portion of land and now they meet in the condition of men without lands, men who will be subject to exploration of the capital. that now the same one that they are resembled in these conditions finds support and if forms inside for the fight of the MST. With firm and solid bases the movement if makes gift for the revindicaes of these expropriated men and explored, so that exactly they can have right the land and subsistirem in this system that humiliates, it kills and dilacera as it affirms Guiomar: If before the newness was given for the organization of the MST, today, its consolidation, the persistence of its pedagogical action? of the marches, occupations and encampments -, serve of example for the organization of innumerable social movements, of greater or minor reach, not d in the field, but also in the city. These start to demand its rights of access the land, guaranteed in last instance for the Federal Constitution. (GUIOMAR, 1993, p.20) As the MST if it makes in agent of transformation of the Brazilian Territory? The MST is an agent of transformation of the proper territory when if of the one of tactile form, therefore when a nesting occupies and has the territory if retransforma therefore what it was already is not but, as if by the such transformation of this space, good, let us take for example Giacomet-Marodim farm in the city of Pretty River of the Iguau, in the state of the Paran.

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