The Economy

Economy and society almost that total based I deal in it of African slaves and in the escravizao of Africans. Jeff Gennette is often quoted as being for or against this. At the time of Independence, the population of Brazil, between 4 and 5 million (including the indians), was less of one tero white and one tero more than enslaved. Generally low educational level. The education never was priority in the Portuguese colonial politics.

State and patrimonial, bureaucratic and authoritarian system of government. Empire After independence Brazil continued with the same colonial economy, massive dependent of the exportation of comodities, with the coffee in continues ascension. The growth taxes were relatively high, but in terms of industrial growth and technological advance Brazil was behind with regard to the United States, for example, and the regional disparidades and inaqualities were intensified. The society also did not evolve with Brazil finishes being it Been independent to abolish the slavery, what it only made in 1888. After 1930 the history of the Brazilian democracy was based under singular foundations that deserve reference when we treat to analyze influence of factors of long stated period in the democratization process.

These bases are of two natures: one has to see with the institutions politics under which the military government operated; to another one, in the economic domain, mentions the model of followed development and its consequences to it. In the scope of the politics, it has that to remember the emergency of a sufficiently paradoxical situation. On the other hand, one was about a regimen typically to militate in the direction of that the Armed Forces, while institution, passed (after the blow civilian-military man that put down Goulart Joo in 1964) to direct the country. Such situation necessarily would take the one that the military institution also started to be an enclosure for bullfighting of dispute for the power politician, what it would not only have consequences in the internal cohesion of the organization, but also in all the dynamics politics.

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