The Spring Breakers

There are many reasons that attract year after year to the beaches of our country, American tourists known as Spring Breakers. One of the most popular destinations for these youngsters is Acapulco vacationers. This bay Guerrero is one of the most sought after tourist destinations worldwide, because it has a warm and sunny weather during most of the year. The average temperature ranges between 27 and 33 C and due to the parity of the peso against the dollar, the cost of lodging, food and entertainment, are accessible to international tourists The Spring Breakers are mostly young students, who after several months of constant study in their colleges and universities looking for a place in which to release tension caused by the pressure of grades. When you get that first break: spring break or spring break, run up to Easter, the young vacationers arrive in our country in many groups that invade the beaches and hotels Acapulco. Some of them are minors in the United States, but not in Mexico (because here the age of majority is 18 years), so you can enter the Bay nightclubs and drinking alcohol. This is the main reason that makes our country very attractive for young people to enjoy their holiday in total freedom, drinking, by exploiting their sexuality and nudity in public, in short, on the beaches of Mexico, mainly Acapulco, can enjoy the festivities because of their age, find it difficult to perform in their country.

Several hotels in Acapulco offer very attractive packages for Spring breakers, but after the visit of these “party animal” should use part of the proceeds to restore the damage caused by the youth-alcohol combination. Both travel agencies, like the official site of these vacationers provide comprehensive information for young students to complete their journey of “rest.” The documentation required to access the port Acapulco is: a valid passport, a birth certificate or driver’s license. No visa is required and children under 18 who wish to travel alone, need a notarized consent form signed by their parents. As noted, the requested documents does not imply a problem for tourists in spring, a situation that makes Acapulco, once again a destination for Spring Breakers.

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Jimmy Carter

When in 1948 the Jewish State had to defend itself of the good supplied and numerous Arab armies, it made with cocktails molotov and homemade arms because his better friend did not give him warlike support. Something similar happened in the wars of 1956 and 1967 when it had to resort to triangulations and dealers of arms, because the North American government refused to sell the fighting equipment to him that needed not to be devastated. Through its history, Israel has come living a relation on love and disagreement with the United States. Connect with other leaders such as Western Union here. Although Israel is an unconditional ally of North America, the reciprocity is not the same. This last blackmail was to be expected.

The Obama administration is following of the rationalist philosophy of Brzezinsky. The rationalism is the doctrine that pleads that the knowledge is acquired for the reason without resorting to the experience. Zbigniew Brzezinski, that was the Adviser of National Security of Jimmy Carter, considers that Majmud Ajmadineyad, Majmud Abbas and Ismail Haniyeh, are valid interlocutors. In a recent declaration it said, that Israel would damage its relations with the United States, if it insists on which North America attacks Iran since it would generate a resentment towards Israel, as it already happens by the war in Iraq. The brazenness of Brzezinski is exceptional, if resentment exists towards Israel, is because it and to their blames it coreligionists of any thing that happens in the Middle East. Ariel Sharon noticed Bush to him of the problems that would arise from an attack to Iraq and looked for to dissuade it. The great majority of the North American Jews was against to the war in Iraq, and now Israel will be the culprit if it is defended of the threats of the most dangerous regime than it exists in the world, what is Iran, who declares with impunity with eliminating it of the map.

The situation is so, that if Mr. Obama feels to talk with Ajmadineyad and its encounter they take nowhere, which is than safe more, it will blame from the failure to Israel to radicalize the situation. If Israel attacks Iran of preventive form, will be accused to ruin the diplomatic plans of Obama. And if Israel he leaves Iran continues advancing in his uranium enrichment, and the Ayatolas manage to develop nuclear weapons that will stop in the hands of Hms, Hezbolah, Chvez, the CRAF, and until possibly Morals, will be condemned by not to have acted in time. Original author and source of the article.

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