Economic Exploration

Subject: The economic exploration of religious followers – On expulsion of fidiciary office for not having contributed with the tenth. Already it said the popular dictated one: ' ' Brazilian whom if he preserves does not argue politics nor religion in wheels of amigos' '. That good papo on soccer is preference at our moments of leisure. It is not no newness. Harms when it is said of controversial subjects, the civil society search to omit to the maximum its certainties. Or such subjects would be uninteresting for the majority and inconveniences the determined sectors? What it is known is that in the search of determined moral standards throughout the years, we have left in second plain, important quarrels concerning the faith. Between them, the behavior of the religious institutions. I mention economic exploration to it of religious followers in Brazil, either directly or indirectly.

To cite the case published for Periodicals of great circulation of the Region Metropolitan of Victory, capital of the State of the Espirito Santo in day 02 of August of 2011, where one lady would have been banishes from definitive church for not having contributed with the tenth. Cases as this, take to inquire them it: Why the religiosidade constitutes a so persuasivo instrument at the hands of coup-minded and opportunist? The democratization of the communication vehicles and the dissemination of the Strategies of Marketing had never allowed the seen expansion of the religious institutions. Of the day for the night the faith reaffirmed to be a great business. Churches of deep of yard had become mega conglomerated economic, adding innumerable portflios of products. Kotler (1995), one of gurus of the marketing standes out that, the Latin American economies would be determined by a culture of high context. In these cultures the words much less have value of what the context where they are used.

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