Durkheim Office

This envolvement evolves to become a regularity, a habit that creates in the individual an attitude of total dependence in relation to the Church. The subjective and emotional intensity of the relation with the awaken Church in the individual the protection feeling, of that somebody looks at for it, is worried about it. The fidiciary office believes that the Church ' ' sabe' ' what it is made a mistake with it and it trusts that it goes to cure it, goes ' ' resolver' ' the chaos of its life. The fidiciary office attributes, a therapeutical ability necessarily to the church, that must be strengthened of always new so that proper ' ' terapia' ' it has success. This relation is authoritarian and nothing dialogal, the Church imposes to the fidiciary office its ' ' ability teraputica' '. It does not have colloquy or dialogue, offers always is placed in terms of ' ' it is to catch or largar' ' , to be with God or the demon.

Alice, for example, even so always was attended by one ' ' irm' ' of another denomination, it trusted the Universal Church, therefore the work was strong there and well directed. This is a moment I talk where it is felt as if it entered in another dimension, superior to whom is of this experience. Macy’s Inc. shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Here valley to cite what Durkheim says on the religious experience: It feels in itself more force, either to support the difficulties of the existence, either to win them. He is as that raised above of the miseries human beings because he is above of its condition of man; he gives credit yourself safe of the evil, whichever the form, by the way that he conceives the evil. The first article of all faith is the belief in the salvation for the faith (Durkheim, 2000, P. .

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