Brazilian Constitution

How somebody can assassinate somebody through the death penalty? There it goes to have that to appear plus a law to kill the assassin. Quanta ignorance! That law is this that wants to bleed the Brazilian Constitution? The countries that had forged this law are the ones that commit greater number of murders through its warlike armaments! Its laboratories are alone if specializing in the ways to kill. It will be that they find themselves dismissed of the Direction of the Life? ' ' For the elect ones of the world of the ideas, the misery is in the decay, and not in morte' '. Rui Barbosa Jurist Brazilian Diplomat KNIFE OF TWO GUMES That is a knife of two gumes. Who really wants to finish with the crime, educates, aid, it raises, it creates schools, it creates more firms all to work. It says a thing to me: To kill goes to help you? Not! Therefore its conscience goes to accuse the time all to you. Another thing: GOD is PERPETUAL and in Its Eternity he created all the beings.

Soon the assassnio to exempt does not go you of nobody. The Energy Spiritual survives, therefore it is independent. ' ' I do not know bigger satisfaction for the spirit of what to see to win the truth cientfica' '. Rui Barbosa Politician and Brazilian Jurist. HUNGER IN SAMARIA, the KING AND ABORTION 26 Passing the king of Israel for the wall, cried out a woman to it: It rescues me, king, mine Sir? 27 It said to it: If Mr. does not rescue you, of where will rescue you I? Of eira or lagar? 28 the king Answered to it: What you have? It answered: To this she said me woman: Of your son, so that, today, let us eat it e, tomorrow, we will eat mine.

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