Czech Visas

In other words, will actively seek bogus addresses that are used by foreigners in the Czech Republic for the visa status of residence permit. In addressing these issues experts of realtor companies Prague Lion ready to help and to search for, legal analysis and design of real estate transactions for foreigners from , Russia and Ukraine and other fsu countries. Presence in property from a foreigner in the Czech Republic, his estate will automatically terminate all of these questions. After the third reading of Czech senators key sections of the law look like this. Amendment to the Act on Residence of Aliens in the cr 1 January 2010 will enter the amendment of the law 326/1999 Sat On Residence of Foreigners in the Czech Republic with regard to health insurance. The changes apply to 180i, and are associated with this provision governing the medical insurance for foreigners living in the Czech Republic. Below is a draft law, which must go through the legislative process, which will be published in the new 'Code of Laws of the Czech Republic'. Along with the law number 326/1999 Sat will also changed the law number 363/1999 Insurance. Draft text of 180i: 'Document of medical insurance for a period of presence in the country until 90 days according to this law, an insurance document – a policy that provides and covers medical expenses in connection with an accident or sudden illness in the Czech Republic, including the transportation costs of the insured in the event of his death related to the transportation of the remains in a state where foreigner has permanent residence, or in another state, which officially allowed to stay, the amount of insurance must be at least 30 000 euros.

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