Warm Floor Heating

This article we have constructed on the basis of questions and answers. So, to clarify for themselves incomprehensible questions about warm floors, you'll be able to decide – they need you, or unavailable. How does an electric heating system? Usually, Electric heating cables are supplied with a thermostat, which monitors the temperature of the floor and, upon reaching the desired temperature cable disconnect. That is, cable is included only for the time necessary for floor heating to the desired temperature, and then, like iron, turned off, allowing the floor to cool slightly. After this cycle is repeated. Cycle duration depends on the installed capacity and thermal insulation of the room. Tentatively, the heating time is 60-70% of cycle time with proper calculation of installed capacity.

What is the difference between the heating electric cable laid in the floor, and the traditional 'central' heating? Due to the fact that in traditional heating sources of heat are located locally in parts of the room, heat flow in the room is not evenly distributed. Typically, the air temperature above the top and below the bottom. In the case of floor heating, heat flow rising from the bottom up the whole area of the room evenly, cools as the expansion. The temperature distribution in height more comfortable. What to look for compare prices on heated floors? There are several factors affecting the cost of the system. 1. or solid (single-core is cheaper); 2.ekranirovannye or not shielded (the firm produces only shielded devi cables); 3.moschnost cable per meter of length (this affects the thickness of the tie); 4.moschnost laid at 1 m 2 (for humid areas it should be 30% higher than for dry); 5.termoregulyator (inline, overhead, programmable).

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