Based on the analysis techniques and information gathering, recognize four major types of studies in marketing research: Types of market research marketing is a sub-function allows the company to obtain the information necessary to establish different policies, objectives and plans and strategies best suited to their interests. This activity is also called market research. Qualitative Research: It is the exploratory research that aims primarily to determine various aspects of human behavior, such as motivations, attitudes, intentions, beliefs, tastes and preferences. The people applying to them this research represent a particular social class community. The techniques used in these investigations are called qualitative techniques. The main ones are: Test Project: In-depth interviews: Group techniques: Other techniques: 1. EPI method. 2.Repertory Grid. Applications of qualitative research: For information prior to a field or problem about which no data exists. Corey Ribotsky Identify behaviors, motivations, etc.. Set jerarqui a between different behaviors and other psychological variables. Identify and exploit concepts, words, etc.. To reduce and limit the field of further research. For further information on certain aspects that have not been made clear in an initial investigation. Quantitative research. Analysis of different aspects that can be easily measured and quantifiable, such as consumption, shopping sites, etc.. Field Research: Research that collects information from primary external sources, through different techniques and studies with these data. Research Cabinet. Term used to describe the research that collects data from internal sources and external sources and secondary studies with these data.Operations research: The science that deals with the scientific preparation of decisions. Advertising Research: The research that deals with studies on different aspects of the communication process in society. It comprises 3 areas of study: Socio-economic research on advertising. (Includes the study of global advertising, from a socio-economic approach, legal, technological, as a descriptive). Research advertisements. (Analysis of advertising, since its creation until its effects, its object of study is: The proportions or preliminary ideas (test of concept), creative expression, comprehension, credibility of the message, the message memory, attention from the message attitudes, behavior). Media research.(Study of the different advertising media, the main objects of research are: dissemination of media, audience, advertising equivalency, reminiscent of the advertising, content of media investment.) Study of control: It is that commercial research seeks to understand what results will occur as a result of the adoption of certain decisions. In these studies known to us small deviations from planned results and outcomes that occur in time to implement corrective measures.

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