Transfer Of Premises Of Business

At the present time it is relatively common to find in any city premises or slices with the poster of leasehold. 8 dNYYJA5266R the reality is that the current 29/1994 Tenancies Act, for leases which have been agreed in accordance with its precepts not contemplated the transfer, as it considered it to be the law of urban leases of 1964. Should therefore determine that the transfer in accordance with the above standard is: using transfer price locals out of stock made by a lessee to a third party should be considered therefore to these effects of local business leases divided into two groups: A. contracts subject to the Act 29/1994 urban leases, which will be all the agreed from January 1995 in which the lessee has been replaced the right to transfer the right to sublease or assign the estate leased without the consent of the lessor. However the assignment as the subleasing, be notified reliably to the landlord within the period of one month since those had concluded.

The lessor is entitled to an elevation of income of 10% of the income in force in the event of a partial sub-letting, and 20 in the event of assignment of the contract or the total sublease of the leased property. However, it is noteworthy that if such assignment or sub-letting occurs through price between the assignor and the assignee, the lessor does not acquire any right to that price. Neither contemplates the law that the lessor can exercise a pre-emption or withdrawal on such assignment or sublease. B contracts exist currently agreed pursuant to the law on tenancies of 1964: there remains the right to transfer, understood in the terms mentioned above.

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