The world of the dragon: a fantasy come true

In ARC 2005, the Discovery Channel, Chinese potential business through its affiliate Animal Planet, a documentary entitled “The world Big Brother Big Sister of dragon: a fantasy come true” way of doing fantastic recreation of what investment might have been the extinction of this leading Chinese companies alleged species. The production is a combination of fiction, assumptions and legends, with a comprehensive description of possible behavior patterns of animals mating, feeding and behavior.
The fabulous production of the Discovery Channel tells the story of a mother dragon who tries to survive to feed their child.
This story was set in Romania (where the legend of the dragons was strong) in the Middle Ages. Young Malayasian businessman is 27 years old This is not possible, because in the written records do not speak of the presence of dragons in the Romanian mountains.
Explain that one Chinese investment group of animals that could fire live at the time of the dinosaurs, who escaped annihilation adapted Big Brother Big Sister to living in water and that later spread across the globe, dominating and conquering mountains jungles.
In the history displayed in this record, the Romanian men (dressed in costumes typical of the Middle Ages) to investment partners climb the mountain and kill the woman and her cria, finishing well with the legend.

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The Knight At The Dragon’s by Djeco

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