The Floor

That means you need to understand where and what appliances will be installed where you put your furniture. When choosing colors should be taken into account, as lit room, suitable there warm or cool colors, light or dark color. Take into account a combination of wall color with the color of the floor, doors and furniture. Is of great importance and the choice of material characteristics – wallpaper suitable for rooms, tile – bath and kitchen, etc. Then proceed to the second stage. Stage 2 – selection of materials. Here you need to understand exactly what kind of material where you are and how to work with this material.

For walls there are many materials, but most often use: different kinds of wallpaper, painting walls, sticking to the walls of various tile materials, the installation of the front bezel. Need to know that not all materials are suitable for all rooms in the apartment. In the room, the corridor will suit wallpaper somewhere (bath, toilet, kitchen perhaps) to put ceramic tile. Therefore, always check with the seller the exact characteristics of materials and their specific use. Talk about what kind of stuff where you can use in this the article will not, I’ll write about it separately. It remains to consider the last 3 stages. About them in more detail.

So, you’ve chosen the material, we must now prepare for his wall. The first thing to do is remove the old stuff – wallpaper, paint.

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