The first stories

The first stories about golems back to the beginning of Judaism. The golems were created by people close to God and believers. As Adam, the golem is created from the mud, after breathing a divine spark that gives life, so the creation of Adam is described as a principle in the creation of a golem. From this standpoint, some people with a certain degree of holiness and closeness to God could acquire some of their wisdom and power. One of these powers would be the creation of life. However, no matter what degree of holiness were a person, would be to create only a shade created by God, since, among other things, the golem has no soul.
The inability of the main golem was the inability to speak. Having a golem was seen as the final symbol of wisdom and holiness, and there are many tales of golems connected with illustrious rabbis throughout the Middle Ages.
Other attributes of the golem were gradually added over time. In many tales the Golem is engraved magical or religious words that give life and maintain life. Records names of God in their forehead (or on a clay tablet under your tongue) or the word Emet ( ‘truth’ in Hebrew) on his forehead are some common examples. Deleting the first letter of ‘Emet’ to form ‘Met’ ( ‘death’ in Hebrew) the golem could be deactivated or destroyed, leaving only the inert body of clay.
Playing the Golem in the Jewish Quarter in Prague
The most famous story concerning a golem involves Rabbi Judah Loew, the Maharal of Prague, a rabbi of the sixteenth century. He is credited with having created a golem to defend the Prague ghetto of Josefov from Anti-Semitic attacks as well as for the maintenance of the synagogue. The story of the Golem in the letter appeared in 1847 in a collection of Jews, published by Wolf Pascheles Prague. Nearly sixty years later, a fictional description was published by Yudl Rosenberg (1909). According to legend, the Golem could be made of clay from the banks of the river Vltava (Moldau River) in Prague. After performing the prescribed rituals, the Rabbi developing the Golem and made him come to life by reciting special spells in Hebrew. When the Golem of Rabbi Loew grew more, it became more violent and started killing people and spreading fear. Andalusia Rabbi Loew was promised that the violence against the Jews would stop if the Golem was destroyed. The Rabbi was in agreement. To destroy the Golem, remove the first letter of the word “Emet” in front of the golem to form the Hebrew word that represents death. (According to legend, the remains of the Golem of Prague is placed in a coffin in the attic of Altneuschul in Prague, and may be returned to life again if necessary.)
The existence of a golem is sometimes a bit with pros and cons. The Golems are not intelligent – if they are ordered to carry out a task, and took the instructions literally executed.
It is a famous anecdote, that the rabbi’s wife asked the golem was “the river to draw water” for granted what the golem in the most literal possible, was the river, and started taking water until it flooded the city.
At the end of s. XIX, the bulk of the company adopted the figure of the golem. Is the notorious novel by Gustav Meyrink, The Golem, 1915, based on stories about the golem created by Rabbi Judah Low ben Bezalel. This book inspired a series of Expressionist silent film classics, among them the series The Golem, which is especially famous “The Golem: how to come into the world” (also released as “The Golem”, 1920, USA 1921) . Other famous treatise of the same era is “The Golem,” “dramatic poem in eight sections in yidis H. Leivick, 1921.
These stories witnesseda dramatic change, I would even say a Christianization of the golem. Since long ago, to Christianity has been concerned, much more than Judaism, an excessive approach of humanity to God. Therefore, the golem becomes mystical in the creation of ambitious would inevitably punished for his blasphemy, very similar to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and the alchemical homunculo. Some have found the golem as a precursor of the androids, move even further away from its roots.
In 2005 the story of the golem back to their Jewish roots in a new cartoon of the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth showed that as a government sponsored superhero who protects Israel from its internal problems and existential.

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